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DUNNACK from Canada
Descendants of
James & Elizabeth (USHER) DUNNACK

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Adele/ Adella E. DUNNACK
  wife of Henry DUNNACK, she was his 1st wife.
  + #1 In 1896 he married Adella E. SMITH of Dixmont, Maine. (1900 census or Augusta, Kennebec Co., Maine list them as married for 5 years)
  b. September 1876
  d. June 13, 1913
  1900 Census: Augusta, Kennebec, Maine (See Hanry below) 
  s/o James and Elizabeth (USHER) DUNNACK father born in Scotland, mother in Nova Scotia, Canada
  born July 29, 1863 Canada (Nova Scotia)
  died Feb. 6 1963 in Orange Co. FL (should that be Orange Co. CA)
  Family moved to CT but he lived majority of life in Orange County, CA
  "He was indentured to a butcher when he was only 8 years old. He ran away from the butcher at age 13 and traveled to Wisconsin where he worked at lumber camps until he married".
  " ... to the Yukon where he was very successful with his gold mine."
  + Emma Augusta RICHTER, May 20, 1896
  dau. Gladys Elizabeth Mildred Dunnack b.1897/ 1898 in Washington
dau. Beatrice Augusta DUNNACK b. 1900/1901 in Canada
  1920 census for Orange, Orange Co. CA list Arthur age 52, b. Nova Scotia, wife Emma, daughters Gladys and Beatrice.
  Arthur, Gladas and Emma are listed as miners, Dawson City, Yukon territory (see Gladas and Emma.) These Dunick's were in present in the Yukon Territory sometime between / after 1897-1901
  A. W. Dunnack had gold claim in "Sulpher Creek".
  The Gold rush began Aug. 17, 1896 when the first gold was discovered. The impact on the U.S. and western Canada. Dawson City was at the confluence of the Klondike and Yukon Rivers.
  Source California Death Index
  Source: The Only Yukon-Alaska Directory for 1901, by Ferguson, publ by Barnes & Baber. also Family Chronicle publ the list in their 1996 Sept/Oct issue commemorating the gold rush centennial. Now see Internet address for listing at http://www. familychronicle.com/klondike.htm
  Source: Records of Cheryl Dunnack, 2001
  Later they returned to Washington State, eventually settling in Orange Co. CA. Arthur lived to be 99 years old.
Beatrice Augusta DUNNACK
  d/o Arthur and Emma A. (RICHTER) DUNNACK
  b. July 1, 1900 Dawson City, Yukon, Canada.
  Source: Cheryl Dunnack
  d/o William H. and Dorothy (SNOW) DUNNACK
  b. ca 1917 in CT.
  wife of Arthur W. DUNNACK
  Participant in the Gold Rush in the Alsaka- Yucon Gold rush which began in 1896. See A.W. (Arthur) DUNNACK
  b. 20 May 1925
  d. 20 May 2010 in Andover, Tolland, CT
  SS card was issued in Louisianna. (check Raymond J. DUNNACK also b. in Louisianna in 1929 and died in Andover)
  d/o William and Ola A. DUNNACK (minister)
  b. ca 1897
  d/o James and Elizabeth (USHER) DUNNACK
  b. 1854
   Contributed by: Cheryl Dunnack. Nova Scotia census 1871
Florence Estelle (MERRILL) DUNNACK (see Henry - this page)
  wife of Henry E. DUNNACK
  b. 24 January 1881
  of Augusta, Kennebeck County, ME
  d. 19 August 1976 Augusta, ME
   (also check Togus, Kennebec, Maine)
  s/o James and Elizabeth (USHER) DUNNACK
  b. 20 May 1872
  Cheryl Dunnack - from actual birth records
George Bussey DUNNACK
  s/o Henry and Adella (SMITH) DUNNACK
  b. 15 October 1899
  d. 31 July 1969 (location withheld)
  + yes
  Children: at least four. (names withheld - may be living.)
  Source: Cheryl Dunnack // 1900 census
  s/o William H and Dorothy (SNOW) DUNNACK
  b. ca 1915 in CT
  s/o ?
  b. ca 1900 in Maine. Father b. Nova Scotia, mother in Maine
  + Constance b. ca 1905 in Maine.
  1930 Constance was a stenographer. Living --Ithaca, Tompkins Co., New York
Gladys Elizabeth Mildred DUNNACK
  d/o Arthur and Emma A. (RICHTER) DUNNACK
  b. October 19, 1897 in Washington State
  Source: Cheryl Dunnack
  b. Snohomish, Snohomisch, WA
  m. Leland F. BRIER May 21, 1924 in Kern or Orange Co. CA
  b. 16 June 1890 in Warren, IN.
  son and dau -
  Source Lee Case
  d/o Joseph and Lucy (Greaves) DUNNACK
  b. Mass in 1910 (lived in Medford, Mass in 1920)
Henry Ernest DUNNACK
  s/o James and Elizabeth (USHER) DUNNACK
  b. May 15, 1869 in Nova Scotia, Canada (Cheryl has 1867)
  d. March 1, 1938 in Augusta, Maine.
  Came to the United States from Grafton, Nova Scotia in 1883, Clergyman
  + #1 In 1896 he married Adella E. SMITH of Dixmont, Maine. (1900 census or Augusta, Kennebec Co., Maine list them as married for 5 years)
  b. September 1876
  d. June 13, 1913
  The following year (1885) he graduated from the Bangor Theological Seminary, and two years later still, he received his BA from Bowdoin College. That same year he was ordained a Methodist minister. In 1900, he became pastor of the Green Street Church in Augusta, Maine. He remained there for 17 years.
  After this he retired from the ministry, he devoted all his time to the State Library and his writings. He had been the State Librarian since 1914 by one source and 1915 by another
  He was a published author. His book "The Maine Book", was published in 1920 and was followed one year later by the "Hand Book of Maine Government". "Maine Forts" was published in 1924 to be followed the next year by "Maine Methodism".
  He and Adella (SMITH) had two sons.
LLewellen Smith DUNNACK, born, November 1898
George Bussey DUNNACK
was born October 1899 ( George S. in 1900 census)
1900 Census for Augusta, Kennebec, Maine.
  + #2 Florence Estelle MERRILL September 6, 1935 in Augusta, Maine
(Maine Marriage index has September 4th)
  b. January 24, 1881 in Pittsfield, Maine
  d. August 19, 1976 in Farmingdale, Maine (SSDI)
  All children lived in Maine, but grandchildren settled in Delaware and Colorado.
  Source Cheryl Dunnack, 2001 // Source dates on 2nd wife from Jack H. Merrill web page.
  "Henry E. Dunnack, State Librarian since 1915, was born in 1869, graduated
from Bowdoin College in 1897. He was married in 1895 to Adella Smith
of Dixmont, Maine, who died June, 13, 1913. Mr. Dunnack has two sons.
In addition to his library work, Mr. Dunnack devotes much time to the
lecture platform. "

Source: HENRY E. DUNNACK. Sprague's Journal of Maine History.
Vol. VIII, Special Number, June 1920 No. 1 page 50 On-line at

(c) 1998 Courtesy of Tina Vickery<http://www.rootsweb.com/~mekenneb>
and Courtesy of the Androscoggin Historical Society <http://www.rootsweb.com/~meandrhs>
  s/o William H. and Dorothy (SNOW) DUNNACK
  b. ca 1917 in Maine - age 2 and 9/12 in 1920 census
  s/o Joseph and Lucy (Greaves) DUNNACK
  b. Mass in 1912 (lived in Medford, Mass in 1920)
  b. circa 1823 in Scotland - per his death certificate.
  Migrated from Scotland to Nova Scotia in the 1850's.(after 1852) Source: date from Rich Herchenreder rootsweb query.
  immigrated from Nova Scotia
  + Elizabeth USHER in Nova Scotia in 1852
  Children: between 1852-1875 they had nine Children: Flora b. 1854,// Lavina b. 1856,// James b. 1860,// William H. b.1862, // Arthur W. b. 1863, // Henry E. b. 1867, // Joseph C. b. 1869, // George b, 1872, // Lizzie Blanch b. 1875 was born in Grafton, Kings, Nova Scotia.
  James and his son Joseph Curtis moved to Boston and established a fish market
  Just wanted to make one correction. When you listed the children of James and Elizabeth, you left one out. He was born after Henry and before George. Lizzie Blanche is just one name. She was the youngest of their offspring. You have a wonderful site here, I've been having fun going through it.
  Contributed by: Cheryl Dunnack-- her sources include actual birth records for Lizzie & George, death certificate for Arthur, and 1871 Nova Scotia census.

James DUNNACK (the son - Jr.)
  s/o James and Elizabeth (USHER) DUNNACK
  b. 1860
   Contributed by: Cheryl Dunnack. Nova Scotia census 1871
  s/o William H. Dorothey (SNOW) DUNNACK
  b. 1910 in Maine - 3 months old in Census. Living
CAMDEN, Knox, Maine

Joseph Curtis DUNNACK
  s/o James and Elizabeth (USHER) DUNNACK
Source: Cheryl Dunnack
  b. 1869, Canada Source: Cheryl Dunnack
  d. January 14, 1929 Source: Cheryl Dunnack
  Joseph and his father settled in Boston where they established a fish market. Source: Cheryl Dunnack
  "Joseph C., (of Charleston, Mass) married at Brockton, Mass., on the 30 May 1908, to Lucy Greaves, daughter of Capt. S. A. Greaves, Margretville, NS." Source: The Register, Berwick, Kings Co. Nova Scotia, publ. June 25, 1908
  1920 census for Medford, Middlesex, Mass. lists Joseph as 47, Lucy as 41, Hazel 10 and Howard 8. Lucy and Joseph are born in Nova Scotia and he is a retail salesman. Hazel and Howard are born in MASS. Joseph came to america in 1880, Lucy in 1887. They became citizens in 1915
  d/o James and Elizabeth (USHER) DUNNACK
  b. 1858
  Contributed by: Cheryl Dunnack. Nova Scotia census 1871
Lillian A. DUNNACK
  d/o William H. and Dorothy (SNOW) DUNNACK
  b. ca 1919 Maine (age 11/12 in 1920 census)
Lizzie Blanch DUNNACK
   d/o James and Elizabeth (USHER) DUNNACK
  b. January 29, 1875
  Settled in MA
  +Andrew Russell WALLS from Charleston, MA. October 2, 1901
  Lizzie and Andrew can be found in the 1901 Canadian census as living in New Brunswick, Canada; in the Northumberland District.
   Contributed by: Cheryl Dunnack - from actual birth records
   Marriage published, "The Register" Berwick, Kings Co. Nova Scotia, (BR 10 Oct. 1901)
Llewellyn Smith DUNNACK
  s/o Henry and Adella (SMITH) DUNNACK
  b. Nov. 2, 1897 Maine
  d. April 12, 1973 (location withheld)
  Llewellen living with Aunt & Uncle George D. and Isadora S. in 1920.
  Children: two (withheld)
  Contributed by: Cheryl Dunnack
  d/o William H. and Dorothy (SNOW) DUNNACK
  b. ca 1911 in Maine.
Patrick H. DUNNACK
  VT 1900 census

 Paul DUNNICK (ack ?)
   b. ca 1886 in Canada (age 34 in 1920 Census)
  Source Long Lake Town, Hamilton County, New York, 1920 Census
Raymond J. DUNNACK
  b. 29 Nov. 1929
  d. 22 Nov. 2008 Andover, Tolland CT
  ss card issued in Andover, Tolland CT.
  See Emma (might be wife.)
  d/o William and Ola A. DUNNACK (minister)
  b. ca 1890
  b Nov. 8, 1887
  at Willimantic, Widham, CT.
  d. October 1981
  Check: Chestnut Hill, Conantville, Perkins Corner, and Willimantic all in
Windham County, Connecticut
William H. DUNNACK
   b. ca 1888 in Maine
  + Dorothy SNOW
  b. ca 1889 in Mass.
  the had 11 children, 3 daughters 8 son
  1910 Census CAMDEN, Knox, Maine:
wed 3 years 1 child, 1 living -- William H, age 23,// Dorothy H age 22 // son: James H. age 3/12
  1920 Census: Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut: Children:
James b. ca 1909, May b. ca 1911 Claire/Elsie? b. ca. 1913, George b. ca 1915, Henry b. ca 1917, Lillian A b. 1919, William A. b. ca 1921, Gerald/Jerry d. 2004, Raymond, Delton, Robert
William H. DUNNACK
   s/o James and Elizabeth USHER DUNNACK
  b. March 11, 1862 Nova Scotia (Canada) to US 1880 citiz. 1891
  d. August 15, 1937
  Methodist Minister in Maine
  + Ola b, ca 1868 in Maine (1920 census for E. Hartford, CT)
  1910 census, William b. Canada (English) --- wife Ola A. b. ca 1867. Wed 25 years. wed about 1885. Three children all living. two at home: Retta/ Rella daughter 20 - single and Eula duaghter age 17. both born in Maine. Census for 6-WD Brockton, Plymouth, Massachusetts
  Later moved to CT & stayed until retirement.
  William's children and grandchildren lived in CT.
  Source: records of Cheryl Dunnack, a direct descendant