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Sarah Ruth DUNNICK
Time line


Daughter of Joshua DUNNUCK and 2nd wife, Phebe (nee:Tallman) widow Bell


Variously spelled Lowderman, Louderman, Lauderman, Lawderman etc.


Descendancy chart that includes Sarah Ruth DUNN*CK & children

  Parents wed 1825 - both previously married.  
  Sarah probably born December 1832 in Ohio // 1900 census lists birth as December 1832 in OH Pike County, Illinois
Joshua DUNNICK (DUNNUCK) b. ca 1790 - d. Mar 1838/9
and 2nd wife: Pheobe (TALLMAN) widow BELL
  1833/34 Mother died in Fayette Co. OH  
  Fall 1837/8 Father & children to Kosciusko Co. IN  
  Spring 1838/39 Father died Kosciusko Co. IN  
  May, 1839 - Guardianship papers of the minor heirs of Joshua Dunnuck - Benjamin Blue granted Guardianship of "..... and Sarah Ruth Dunnuck infant heirs of Joshua Dunnuck deceased, during the minority"  
  1840 Census Kosciusko County Indiana, lists a female child between age 5-10 - living in the Benjamin Blue household - probably Sarah.  
  1849, Aug. 9 Jane (nee: STRADLEY) LOWDERMAN died and is buried in Omega Cemetery in Fulton County, IN  
  1849, Nov. 8 Marriage: Sarah R. DUNNICK to John LAUDERMAN in Kosciusko Co., IN Marriage book 3, page 88 Landerman/Lauderman  
  1850 Census -Henry township, Fulton County, Indiana, HH 80 - John Lowderman, age 42 - b. OH, Sarah age 18 b. OH

Children living with them are all born prior to Sarah's marriage to John. Philip, 12, Charles 10, Nancy J. 8, John H. 5, and Susan 2.
John's 1st wife was Jane STRADLEY who died in 1849 and is buried in Omega Cemetery in Fulton Co. IN.
County Township  SURNAME


  AGE Born  
1850 Census  .          
 Fulton  Henry STRADLEY John  Carpenter 41 MD  
HH 75    STRADLEY Rachel J   8 IL  
    (There is another Rachel age 6 b. IL in home of Caleb Stradley, Sr..--HH 79)
    STRADLEY Nancy   15 OH  
    STRADLEY John H.   9 IL  
 Following Lowderman - same page        
County Township towns would include Athens & Akron ? SURNAME


Age born  
Fulton Henry LOWDERMAN John Farmer 42 OH  
Sarah   18 OH  
    LOWDERMAN Philip   12 IN  
    LOWDERMAN Charles   10 IN  
    LOWDERMAN Nancy J.   8 IN  
    LOWDERMAN John H   5 IN  
    LOWDERMAN Susan   2 IN note: she wed Allen J. Stookey in 1868 in IL. They settled in the state of Washington- had 6 children.
Louderman's 1st wife was Jane Stradley - m Dec. 24, 1835 in Elkhart Co. IN
  27 March 1851 Sarah's Dau., Mary E. Louderman, born in Indianapolis. - date. from 1880 census and from bio. of Mary's husband W. Benton Lawyer. See following.  
  ca. 1852 to Schuyler Co. IL
from biography of W. Benton Lawyer. Published 1907 "Historical Encyclopedia of IL and History of McDonough County by Bateman and Selby. Page 933

Lawyer, W. Benton
. --
....Mr. Lawyer was married to Mary E. Lowderman, who was born in Indianapolis, Ind., and schooled in Scott County, Ill. Mrs. Lawyer's parents were John and Sarah (Dunnick) Lowderman, both natives of Ohio, the father of Cincinnati. The mother [Mary ] was of a family of two children, her brother, G. F. Dunnick [wrong - brother was LOUDERMAN, not DUNNICK] being a farmer in Pike County, IL. The parents came from Schuyler County, Ill., in 1852, and remained there until their daughter Sarah was nine years old, when they removed to Meredosia, Ill., and thence to Scott County where, as stated, she was educated. Mrs. Lawyer lost her father when she was only six years of age, but her mother is still living in Scott County.

They had five children: four living
Benton & Mary's children: Charles B., // Edna (Mrs. E.Q. H. Douglas) of Davenport, Washington, // Ethel (Mrs. Fred L. Kirby of Mason City, IA and // Rall at home in 1907
(1910 census has Ralph 13, and Fred 10 ?? - listed as grandsons of Sarah Francis)
  ca 1855 - George F. (or T.) Lowderman b. in Illinois. 1860 census He wed Maria E. Woods in 1878 in Scott Co. IL - 3 children, John, Charles and Mary plus an adoped son, Albert Harris Lowderman b. 1866  
 get and check. Betw. 1854 & 1856 John Lowderman died. //Probably August 4, 1856 in Schuyler Co. IL see will abstracts, Thomas Bronaugh, Administrator.  
 ? There is more than one John Lowderman and wife in McDouough Co. IL during that time frame. So I don't know if this is "our" John- perhaps the actual deed will have the signature of his wife. I didn't go to the court house to see as it was closed the day I views the index. On December 1, 1855, John Lowderman and wife sell land in McDonough Co. IL (NW 2y 5ct 4w) to Henry Lowderman Grantee. - It may be the same land he purchased in March 17 1855 from Ephram Jarvis (NW 27 5N 4w)  
  ? Able Louderman b. ca 1816 in OH. d. Schuyler Co., IL Nov.14, 1855.
John Louderman was Administrator (is it our John, wife Sarah --- or the John 1831-1903-whose wife was Juliette)
  1856, Dec. 31 Sarah marries John STRADLEY in Schuyler Co. IL (he appears to be a widower)
1857, Jan 29
signed by the J.P. - issued 18 Dec. 1856 (spelled Louderman)
Schuyler   county  Littleton twp


  HH 47  
1860 Census  .        
    STADLEY John   51 OH  
  nee: DUNNICK  STADLEY Sarah   27 OH  
    STADLEY Rachel by #1 16 IL  
Sarah Wed
Lauderman in 1849, Charles, Nancy, and Susan by Louderman's first wife.
LOUDERMAN Charles by #1  21 IN  
LOUDERMAN Nancy by #1 18 IN  
LOUDERMAN Susan by #1 12 IN  
LOUDERMAN Mary E by Sarah 9 IN  
    LOUDERMAN George T. by Sarah 5 IL  
Wed Stradley- 1856            
Actual census images on the pay sites include Sarah, age 27. But an index printed version in the Springfield (IL) library omitted Sarah. To find her you must go to the original image.
See: M536, Roll 228, book 1, page 162. HH 1083, line 108 another index at rootsweb has page 8L (see an original)
  ca 1861 "lived in Schuyler Co until Mary was about 9 years old" ..."then to Meridosia and then Scott county"  
1870 Census HH 225  ILLINOIS      
Scott Town of Naples Stradley John farm labor 60   MD
      Sarah keeps hm 38   OH
    Lowderman George F. farm labor 15   IL
  1873, March 27, John STRADLEY signs step-daughter Mary's wedding license as father. McDonough Co. IL William B.(Benton) Lawyer to Mary E. Louderman  
  publ 1880 History of Franklin and Pickaway Counties, OHIO, by Williams Brothers Publ. Co., page 282.

"Joshua Dunnuck, his father ("his" refers to Thomas J., brother of Sarah), had still another daughter,
Sarah Ruth, who married and lost her first husband, John Louderman. She remarried, and now lives in Illinois."

1880 Census H. H. 82  ILLINOIS      
Scott county town of Naples STRADLEY John  Farmer 71   Md, Md, Md
 page 8, dist 6, Dist 241, HH 82   STRADLEY (nee: DUNNUCK)  Sarah   48   Oh, Va, ----
Twp 15, Range 14, Naples LOWDERMAN George Farmer 25   IL, IN, IN
      Maria E   22   IL, NC, IL
      John W.   1   IL, IL, IL
    HARRIS Albert (adopted) 14   IL, MI, IL
  1886, Oct. 6 Marriage book for Scott Co.IL. Book B, page 136 has a Sarah R. Stradley marrying a Robert T. B. FRANCIS.  
  1900 Sarah R. and husband Robert T. B. Francis were living in Chambersburg twp, Pike County, IL. They had been wed 14 years. Sarah was born in OH and was unable to answer about her parents. Robert and his parents in WV. Sarah was born December 1832 and Robert April 1847. With them was Robert's son Jesse L.Francis, age 21.
Robert is 63 and Sarah is 67

Sarah R. had four children, two were living in 1900 per census
  1907 from biography of W. Benton Lawyer. Published 1907

...(wife, Mary E. (L
ouderman) Lawyer)....to Scott County where, as stated, she was educated. Mrs. Lawyer lost her father when she was only six years of age, but her mother is still living in Scott County. (IL) (her name not listed)
   1910 census Village of Tennessee, McDonough Co., IL Sarah, age 79 (widow Francis) is living with daughter and husband, William B. and Mary Lawyer. William age 57 & Mary 59. William & Mary had been married 36 years - 5 children, 4 living. William and Mary's sons Ralph Lawyer age 13 and Fred Lawyer, age 10 were living with them.  
   I find no record of Sarah after 1910. If anyone has her death date and location I would appreciate knowing. snhasch(a)aol.com  
   1920 census Village of Tennessee, McDonough Co., IL Sarah is not listed... Benton W. and Mary are 67 & 69.