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Bell Descendancy

Compiled by Sue N. Haschemeyer 
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Will of Henry BELL

Liz Harrison contributed the will of Henry Bell to Rootsweb. She wrote the webmaster of this site:

Dear Sue,

"Saw your web page and wanted to let you know that on the Philadelphia Archives on Rootsweb I've posted a transcription of his will and marriage."....Liz Harrison 10/13/2001

1) Henry BELL Jr. Descendancy b. circa 1700, d. March 1748 Berks Co. PA
+ Sarah RUMFORD b. 25 Jan 1700, m. 30 Oct. 1720, d. after 26 Oct. 1737

Will of Henry Bell

fourth day of March in the year of our Lord 1748

of Amity Township in the County of Philadelphia,

yeoman (a yoeman possessed of a small estate in land; a gentleman-farmer; a freeholder)

very sick and weak of body but of perfect mind and memory

was a plantation owner and had three slaves.

dearly beloved wife Elizabeth
son John Bell
well beloved daughter Rachel
well beloved daughter Hannah
my well beloved daughter Mary
well beloved son Amos
well beloved son Charles Bell
well beloved son Lawrence
my son Jonathan
Mary Henton the wife of William Henton

Executors: 2nd wife Elizabeth & son John

Plantation and the rest of movables to be sold and the money to be divided between all my first wife's children

Henry Bell (his mark) (Seal)

Witnesses: Jonas Jones and Searg. Hughes Philadelphia April 5th, 1748.