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  Source: Newspaper clipping: paper not identified. I know her obit was published in the Tri-County Gazette on March 22, 1906 so I am assuming that is the paper.  

Obit of Henrietta (Scot) DUNNUCK


Death of a Pioneer

Henrietta (Scot) DUNNUCK was born Feb. 29, 1816, in Ross county, Ohio, and departed this life at her home, three miles east of Mentone, March 15, 1906, age 90 years and 15 days. She married to John W. Dunnuck in the year 1837, and came with him to Indiana in 1838, where they settled on the farm on which she died. The toils and hardships of ehr life were those common to the pioneer as she with her husband labored to carve out of the wilderness a home, while surrounded by Indianas, wolves, wildcats and ague as features of the new country. Mrs. Dunnuck was the mother of eleven children, five of whom with eighteen grand children and thirty-one great grand children are living.

About 65 years ago she professed Christ and up to her last days expressed her belief in Him as her Saviour. She with her husband were charter members of the M.E. church when organized at Palestine in the year 1851. Later they transferred their membership to the Mentone class.

Grandma Dunnuck was always of a cheerful disposition and had many friends. Her death was unexpected, she having been in her ordinary health, tho' feeble, up to the day of her death.

The funeral occurred at the M.E. church in Mentone, Sunday, conducted by her pastor, Rev. J. F. Bailely.


   Notes from the webmaster:

The living children would have been Mary Ann (Mrs. Romine), Pheobe(Mrs. Mayer), Benjamin, Martha (Mrs. Hardman), and John F.
  The 18 living grandchildren would have been: (I am missing one living grandchild)

Emma, Hollis and Etta ROMINE
Pearl and Ruby daughters of Benjamin DUNNUCK
John, Laura and Martin HARDMAN, children of Martha HARDMAN
Frank, Edith, Jefferson and Chester, children of John F. DUNNUCK
Maude, Mable and Claude, children of Marion DUNNUCK
Amanda & Lolo, daughters of Amanda EVERLY

9 deceased grandchildren: Perhaps I have the dates wrong on one of those listed as deceased.

Flora, William, Omer & an unnamed infant, (children of Benjamin)
Loura & Raymond, (children of Marion
Mertie and Wilbur, (children of Amanda)
Roy, (son of Lyman)
  31 great grandchildren living March 1906 Some that I know of:

Maud KISTLER Graham, Raymond KISTLER, Lola KISTLER Robbins, Harold KISTLER, Wilbur DUNNUCK, Loyd DUNNUCK, Velma DUNNUCK Walters, Clarence ARNOLD, Dorthy ARNOLD Peterson Mow, Edna DUNNUCK Huff Pfeiffer, Roscoe DUNNUCK, Noble Gene DUNNUCK (Sr), Harley A. DUNNUCK, James Ray TUCKER
  Great grandchildren not yet born

Sara BLOSSER b. 1909, Barbara DUNNUCK Gaylor Seaton (born yet?), John Nusbaum b. 1912, Frances Nusbaum b.1914, Roger Nusbaum b.1919