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Compiled by: Sue N. Haschemeyer snhasch@aol.com
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proposal of marriage

Transcribed by - by Sue N. Haschemeyer

Copy of original donated by Susan KEYS


Lincoln Illinois
May 1st 1872

Mr. Dunnuck,

Dear Sir,

I am about to address you on a subject to me entirely new and if I don't do it justice yu will please consider that I meant well and excuse defects.

It is to aks the hand of your daughter "Sara" in marriage. As to my character __. I shall leave that to your own knowledge of me as I suppose you must have heard something of me since I have been keeping the company of your daughter, but if you do not know me sufficiently to answer immediately (which I hope you do for I shall be anxious to hear from you) you can refer to any of my acquaintances either here or at my old home "Pittsfield."

My means at present are nothing to boast of yet I consider them equal to the support of two persons or I should not be writing thus.

But under the belief that you know my circumstances I will close hoping to hear from you at the earliest convenient moment, I am your respectfully.

James H. Keys