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Compiled by: Sue N. Haschemeyer snhasch(at)aol.com
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No Will - intestate - Ohio 1845 - Luke Dunnuck
1846 - wife, Elizabeth (Swope)
also indenture of son, Luke

Facts, conclusions and exerpts from a detailed summary of legal & probate records 1835-1848 involving Luke Dunnuck and his wife Elizabeth (nee: Swope)
(probate records 0-1001Luke Dunnick and 0-1050 Elizabeth Dunnuck at Pickaway Co. OH)

Contributed by Steve HARTMAN

Luke Dunnuck died April 1, 1845, Walnut Township, Pickaway County Ohio. At the time of his death, he had two minor children Newton and Mary. He also left a wife Elizabeth (nee: Swope) Elizabeth died one year later, in April 1846.
1835 Luke signed a note to pay for the services of E. L. Miner, MD of Greencastle, Fairfield Co. OH - May 12, 1835.
Jan 22, 1844 Dr. Alvah Paul makes his first visit to the Dunnuck home to administer medicine. He saw Luke Dunnuck 22 (twenty-two) times before Luke's death thirteen months later. [see April 10th, 1846 probate account]
Nothing is directly stated in the probate records about Luke's relationship with other Dunnucks in Pickaway; however, Samuel Dunnuck posted an administrator bond on the estate, and submitted several claims dating from 1841-1845 and purchased. Samuel in particular appears to have helped Luke out a great deal.

John Dunnuck also submitted a claim for mending his wagon, shoeing his horese etc., but which John Dunnuck it would be is not clear. (probably his father since his brother migrated to IN about 1838)

Isaac Vannimon had several shared notes with Luke which suggests his relation to Luke as a son-in-law. Isaac was married to a Pheobe Dunnuck and they lived in Defiance County, Milford township in 1850. She died prior to 1860 when Isaac remarried.

Thomas Swope held a mortgage on Luke's farm and his age suggests that he is a brother to Elizabeth (Swope) Dunnuck.

David Dunnuck is listed in a probate document as winning a judgment against Luke; and
Samuel arranged a financial instrument with Luke to pay the judgment." 

Absalom Ashbrook attend the sale and purchased livestock

Hartman notes: "With few exceptions the auction was attended by Swope and Dunnuck relatives, and with no exceptions all were Methodists."...."Samuel and John Dunnuck were close family relatives to Luke but the exact connection is unknown. The financial interrelationships that Samuel and Luke exhibited were that of brothers. John Dunnuck's relationship might be that of Luke's father."
Additional observations showing the relationship between these families not in the probate papers

Swope family later also married into Joshua's family

Elizabeth Dunnuck was married into the Peter's family... Broad Swope + Leah Peters

Newton went to IL with Joshua's son of Thomas --- in 1849

Mary went to IL with Ruth Cross dau of Thomas-- in 1849

Newton went to KS with Joshua and Elisha's families after 1863, but before 1870
" The sale of Luke's estate was insufficent to cover his debts. The total claims against the estate were $1147.88. Receipts totaled only $817.48."

"The appraisers were quite generous with setting aside material property for Elizabeth and exceeding what most widows are allowed. From the appraised inventory, Elizabeth received $75. in cash and goods from the apprisers."

["the following is a schedule of property belonging to the estate of Luke Dunnuck deceased set off by the undersigned for the support of Elizabeth Dunnuck his widow and Newton Dunnuck and Mary Dunnuck his minor children: All the bacon on hand supposed 125 pounds; all the salt on had, 4 bushels; Six hogs selected valued at $7.50; 200 pounds flour on hand. Also Cash (their being no other property of suitable kind to set off) $500. Appraisers, signed by Jonas Cromley, George Brinker, Thomas Wooddell. File June 11, 1845 by S.A. Moore, clerk in Book 13, pages 149 & 150"]

"The generosity of the appraisers came in setting aside from the inventory all the kitchen, sleeping and clothing related items such as bedsteads, utensils, spinning wheels, these being the practical items that sell well at auctions. The appraisers cited the two minor children for their actions."

" Additionally, they allowed her to repurchase from the estate, prior to auction, $17.48 in appraised goods, that being a bureau, mantel clock and 5 acres of wheat, oats, one hogshead and 4 old barrels". "At the auction itself, on 2 May 1845, she purchased an additional $17.50 in goods: a gray horse name Tom, one brindle cow, set of horse gears and a shovel plow."

Others to make purchases include: Samuel Dunnuck, John Dunnuck, Thomas Swope, Absalom Ashbrook, Isaac Vaniman,


June 6th, 1846 -- Elizabeth's probate was filed by John Wooddell after she died April 9, 1846. She died about one year after Luke. Many of the same officials who were still involved in Luke's estate handled hers as well.....Dr. Alva Paul was her primary doctor, but both consulted with Dr. George Lackse and Dr. Miner, the same Doctor who treated Luke, two months befor her death.
Real Estate & Taxes:

Luke leased land from Joshua Fridley one year before he died. The land was in Section 10 of Pickaway County, and about one mile north of Samuel's Residence. Luke also had land in Ashland and Wayne Counties in Ohio.

Elizabeth was paying taxes on land in Ashland and Wayne Counties until her death in 1846. Luke's real estate was sold by August 1, 1848 for $483.86 in Ashland Co. OH

Samuel Dunnuck made payment Dec. 1, 1845 to Wayne Co. OH $3.52 and five mills, (ie $3.52.5) in full of taxes charged on the following property for the year 1845. Part of SW Section 14, Township 23, Range 15, Acres 105, Valuation $300.

The Minor Children

June 6th 1846, Jesse D. Courtwright became guardian of Newton and Mary, Circleville, Ohio. Jesse held the children for about a year then indentured them as apprentices, Newton to be a carriage maker for David Davis, Mary's indenture unknown.
  from Steve Hartman

"Indenture of Apprenticeship between Jesse D. Courtwright, David Davis and Newton Dunnuck that Newton Dunnuck aged 16 years the 26th of January in the year 1847 by and with the consent of J.D. Courtwright guardian hath and do hereby find himself as an apprentice unto said David Davis until the 26th day of January in the year 1852 from the date hereof to learn the trade and occupation of Wagon, Carriage and Buggy making in all various branches and the said Newton Dunnuck for himself and his said guardian do hereby covenant with David Davis to faithfully serve hime and correctly demean himself during the term of his apprenticeship...David Davis will provide hime during said apprentice and will teach or cause him to be taught to read and write and so much arithmetic as will include the Single Rule of Three...and at expiration of said term of service will furnish the said Newton Dunnuck with a new Bible and at least two suits of common wearing apparel and $35 dollars in Cash. Dated September 7, 1846. J.D. Courtwright, David Davis, Newton Dunnuck, William North, JP, and witnessed by Absalom Glick." (attorneys Olds & Miller)
 May 2, 1849 Jesse D. Courtwright submitted his guardianship accounts for Mary and Newton. August 1st 1849 appears to be the last accounting. His account reveals two indentures for Mary and one for Newton. [see migrate to IL]
The 1880 census in Franklin Co. KS indicateds that Newton's, Luke and Elizabeth (Swope) Dunnuck were both born in MD.
 Looking at the close relationship of all these different Dunnuck's revealed in the probate papers, it is hard not to draw the conclusion that this Luke is the son of John and Sarah Dunnuck.