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Compiled by: Sue N. Haschemeyer snhasch (at) aol.com
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No Will - intestate - Illinois 1885 - Nicholas Dunnuck

Summary of court papers and transcribed final settlement - by Sue N. Haschemeyer

Shirley Nice Schuldt copied Nicholas' papers at IRAD (Illinois Regional Archives at IUS in Springfield, IL.) and shared them with me
Affidavid of Decease - Probate court, Springfield, Sangamon Co. IL (filed Sept 27, 1881)

Affidavid states that Nicholas' personal estate will probably amount to $10,000.00 and that he left at the time of his decease, Margaret Dunnuck , his widow, George Dunnuck, Angie L, Dunnuck, Fannie A. Dunnuck, Kate Perkins, Emma Florence Dunnuck, Linnie Dunnuck, and Clyde Dunnuck.
Filed by George Dunnuck
On Sept 27, 1881 the above mentioned are identified as the wife and children of Nicholas.They signed papers to "Relinquish of Right to Administer" and requested Edward W. Bennett be granted Letters of Administration.
Sept 27, 1881, "Petition for letters of Adminstration" stating that Nicholas Dunnuck was from Mechanicsburg, Sangamon Co. IL and "departed this live on or about the 15 day of September 1881 Intestate and requests Letters of Administration be granted to Edward w. Bennett.. Signed by George Dunnuck
The inventory was quite extensive and I only note a few things here.

  Pd by Estate received by Estate
Amount of personal property taken by Margaret Dunnuck, Widow, on her award.   689.2-
Amount of sale bill - public   2129.23
Amount of sale bill- private   3367.6-
Cash on hand   774.65
Cash from Joshua on notes   568.--
Sale of real estate case if C. L. Conkling Ad-- vs. Clyde Dunnuck et.al.   1883.7-
Proceeds of life insurance   2375.00
Fifty two cords of wood @ $2.00   104.--
Surplus of sale of Mill above liens, to be applied on debts   785.98
Collected on sundry accounts   1959.9-
Additional amounts per "corrections" final Report   79.02
Personal property taken by widow Margaret Dunnuck on her award 689.25  
Cash paid to Margaret Dunnuck 995.75  
Sundry claims against the estate 11045.--  
sundry payments per voucher "64" 1129.00  
The balance of $857.15 was dispersed to Nicholas' heirs, October 1886
Margaret received 285.71  
each child received 81.63 or 81.64
Joshua (Nicholas' brother) Dunnuck had two outstanding notes: as listed May 3, 1886

April 1, 1850 for $233.33
April 1, 1851 for $233.33

Original 1881 inventory shows Joshua owing $752.25 and was listed as Doubtful that he will be repaid

May 3, 1886 final report show $568.00 received from Joshua - on notes
Elisha (Nicholas' brother) DUNNUCK had two notes outstanding: as listed May 3, 1886

March 2, 1875 princ. $250.00
March 1, 1877 princ. $650.00

the original 1881 inventory shows Elisha owing $250.00 and it is also listed as doubtful to be repaid.
Misc. notes from the list of goods retained by Nicholas's widow - Mandated by law, they include: personal clothing, pictures books, one milk cow for each four family members, she kept two. two sheep for each family member- they retained 12. The family was entitled to keep fuel for three months, one horse, bridle & saddle, bedding, stoves & cooking utensils household & kitchen furniture, provisions for the family for one years and food for the Stock for six months. .The value of this was $1685.00. Margaret requested additional items valued at $687.25. Among the items was a piano valued at $200.00 and a washing machine for 25 cents. $207.00 - Stock ; $46.00 - food; $92.00- furniture; Wood -12.00; carpeting - $41.00; Sewing machine $20.00 etc.