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Compiled by: Sue N. Haschemeyer snhasch@aol.com
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No Will - intestate - Kansas 1891 - Joshua Dunnuck

Summary of court papers and transcribed final settlement - by Sue N. Haschemeyer

under construction around 70 pages to sort through. So far the following is what I have sorted out. Looks like the rest is claims against the estate, appraisals, reciepts for payment - looks like it dragged on until 1900.
From Proof of death - Probate court, Franklin Co. KS (filed Jan 7th 1892)

Joshua, was a resident of Centropolis, died at Ottawa on 28 Dec. 1891
Wife - Maggie Dunnock - wife --age 57 of Centropolis (KS)
son ---Thomas ---------- son ----------of Ottowa (KS)
dau ---Sarah Keys -------dau.
dau ---Ann Mantle -------dau.
dau ---Jane Stoll----------dau.----------of Centropolis (KS)
dau.-- Alice Pierce--------dau----------of Garnett (KS)
On January 9th 1892 Maggie DunnOck is appointed Administrator
January 16, 1892 Petition to sell personal property: buggy, single harness & saddle, 4 empty bee hives & carpenter tools.
C.A.Smart (her attorney)
Public Notice in the Ottawa Weekly Republican May 25, 1892, June 2 1892

Publication Notice.

State of Kansas, Franklin ounty,ss. In the Probate Court. To Thomas Dunnock, Sarah Keys, Annie Mantel, Jane Stall, Allice Pierce, heirs at law of Joshua Dunnock deceased: You and each of you, are hereby notified that Mrs. Maggie Dunnock, administrix, of the estate of Joshua Dunnock, deceased late of the count and state aforesaid, has filed her petition in said court to sell the real estate of said Joshua Dunnock, deceased, to-wit: Sixty-four (64) acres in section twenty-nine (29), township fifteen (15), of range nineteen (19), Franklin county, State of Kansas, his personal estate being insufficient to pay his debts. Said petition we be heard on Jund 3rd, 1892, at two o-clock at the probate court room in Ottawa in said county, and state at which hearing you may appear and show cause why said petition should not be granted.


S.W.Case . . . . . . . . . . . . Administratrix
Probate Judge . . . . . . . . . . . Nat 26w2

Land from Maggie Dunnock {Joshua's estate} to Edward Humerickhouse Jan 14, 1893 64 acres sec. 29 twp. 15, range 19, $1,462.20, 9 acres in Sec. 30 twp (15), range 19 - Still an existing mortgage. - appraised at $1735.00 // (appears to be land he purchased on Dec. 13, 1875 from Henry Center of Centropolis --- purchased 112 acres section 29, twp 15, range 19. $2,000.00)
Land from Frank & George Pierce to Joshua Aug 1, 1870 $800.00 lots 316, 318 & 320 to 348 inclusive on Manhattan Ave and lots 315, 317, 319 to 347 inclusive on Topeka Ave in the former village of Minneola - this places Joshua in Kansas as early as 1870
 Land from John Marsh to Joshua Dunnuck -April 7, 1984 $300.00 Franklin Co. KS - in the village of Minneola consists of lots 206-208 & 210 on Wyandotle Ave. and 205 & 207 on Leavenworth Avenue....(legal discription) [former village of Minneola]

Letter regarding David D. Dunnuck (deceased) was part of Probate package on Joshua. (wish the Judges letter was included) See following dispursements.

E..E. Lonabaugh,
Attorney at Law,
Sheridan, Wyoming.

March 20th, 1893.

Samuel W. Case, Esq.,
Ottawa, Kas.

Dear Sir:--

Your letter of March 1st received and contents noted..

Maggie J. DunnUck having filed a certified copy of her

appointment and bod as administratrix of the Estate of Thomas
J. DunnUck, deceased, is entitled to the proportion of the estate
of David D. DunnUck, deceased, to which Thomas J. DunnUck would
have been entitled had he been living. Thomas J DunnUck and................................. (the "J." is X'ed out)
Creditors you mentioned must look to Maggie J. Dunnuck, as admin-
istratrix, and her bondsmen. All funds will be sent direct to her.

Yours truly,

(signed: E. E. Lonabaugh)

 Revocation of letters of Administration

May 10, 1893 Judge Case has Maggie DunnOck served with papers to show removing her as administratrix for failure to appear April 6th 1893. Papers were served by the sheriff Montgomery County, Kansas.
May 1893 appeals revocation of her administration of Joshua's estate.
Oct. 1, 1893 from the estate of David Dunnock $492.90-- to his father's estate
November 1, 1893 Elisha awarded $577.20 from the estate of Joshua (bench trial)
November 11, 1893 Maggie apprears with $371.83 still in hand and resigns as administratrix - her attorney C.A. Smart assumes the duty.
Jan 24, 1896 cash received from adm. of estate of David Dunnock $329.40-- to his father's estate
Jan 24, 1893 listing of charges against the estate - court allowed 892.87 of which of which Elisha Dunnock was owed $664.75 and Michael Stahl (STOLL?) $113.00. (cash on hand from the estate was $758.26)
Sept 1st 1898 "Cash received from estate of David Dunnock " $183.33-- to his father's estate
Sept 7, 1898, after payment of