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Compiled by: Sue N. Haschemeyer snhasch (at) aol.com
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Last Will and Testament of John W. Dunnick/Dunnuck of Kosciusko Co. IN.

John W. signed Dunnick on the original will
Dunnuck on the codicile


Transcribed by Sue N Haschemeyer, great great granddaughter of J. W. Dunnick/Dunnuck.

[ comments added by transcriber ]

Oct. 29, 1917, Petition presented with original will evidence heard-petition granted and original will ordered re-recorded in will records together with petition.
Francis E. Bowser, Judge.

In the Name of the Benevolent of all I John W. Dunnick, a resident of Mentone, County of Kosciusko and State of Indiana, being over the age of twenty one years, and of sound mind, Do Make and Publish this my last will and Testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me made.

Item 1st My will is that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall be paid, as soon after my deceased as possible.

Item 2nd I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Henrietta Dunnick the use and control rents and profits of all My property both Real and personal which I may own at the time of my Decease, after all of My Debts are paid, During her Natural life, to have and hold the Same, for her Benefit.

Item 3rd I will and bequeath that after the Death of my wife Henrietta Dunnick that all property left of my Estate be Divided Equally among My children Namely Except Mary Jane Romine and Martha M. Hardman who have had an advancement of One Hundred Dollars Each Their Share to be One Hundred Dollars less than the Others namely Benjamin H. Dunnick, John F. Dunnick, Marion T. Dunnick, Amanda A. Everly and Phebe E. Everly if the said Phebe E. Everly shall Die leaving No heirs by her Body, then and in that Event, all the property She Leaves that she inherited from my estate shall revert back to her Brothers and Sisters.

Item 4 - I will and bequeath that after the Death of My Wife, that Flora A. Dunnick [granddaughter - dau of Benjamin & 1st wife, Nancy] have the Sum of One Hundred Dollars out of my Estate.

Item 5 - I do hereby Nominate and appoint My beloved wife Henrietta Dunnick My Executrix of this My last will and Testament, hereby authorizing and Empowering her to comprise, adjust, release, and Discharge in such manner as she may deem best and proper the Debts and Claims due me.

I do also authorize her if it shall become Necessary in order to pay my Debts to Sell and convey any property She Shall deem best and execute Deeds acknowledge and deliver Same, in fee Simple to Purchasers.

I also wish to have My Estate fully Settled without My Executrix giving Bonds. Also without going through Court. More than have the will Probated.

In testimony hereof, I have hereunto set My hand and Seal the 26th Day of March A.D. 1895.

John W. Dunnick (Seal)

Signed and acknowledged by Said John W. Dunnick, as his last Will and Testament, in our presence, and Signed by us in his presence.

Roscoe Doran (Seal)
Lemon L. Latimer (Seal)


Codicil to the above will

I John W. Dunnuck of the town of Mentone, County of Kosciusko, and State of Indiana, Do hereby Make and Publish this Codicil to my last will and Testament hereto annexed Bearing date of 11 day of March 1895 in the Manner following

Item 1st I hereby revoke the Bequest contained in Item Four (4) in the above will and testament, and that the amount Specified in Said Item four be Equally Divided among the above named Heirs. Hereby retifying and confirming My said will in all other respects. I declare this to be a codicil of my last will and testament.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto Subscribed My Name and seal this 25 day of January 1899.

John W. Dunnuck

Signed and Sealed in Our presence, and Signed by us in his presence as witnesses

John F. Johnston
Alva E. Owen

Will record 9 page 182
Warsaw, IN, Kosciusko County
September Term 1917
Re Recorded.

The will written 1895
Codicile 1899
Died 1900

The will mentions seven of John W. Dunnick's children.

Not mentioned are William Eliuh who died 1864
Nancy Jane who died 1887
Franklin Scott who died 1870
Douglas Lyman who died 1890

You notice he signed Dunnick on the original will
Dunnuck on the codicile

His son Benjamin went by Dunnuck.