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Compiled by: Sue N. Haschemeyer snhasch (at) aol.com
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Last Will and Testament of Henry Dunnick ALMONY
Maryland - 1860

 Baltimore Co. MD. Book 2, page 85

Written Feb. 17, 1860
Proven July 31, 1850
Witnesses: Ephriam Bell, Kearn Curry, John Curry
Children listed Charles L., Albert J. B., William H., Ephraim B, John W. and Franklin T.
Wife, Ann Eliza use of land until her death
Minor children: John W. and Franklin T.
Son Charles L. to have land after decease of wife Ann Eliza Almony
William H. $500. (need to see original Albert may have also received $500.
Ephriam to receive $300 at age of 21 and property due from Henry's deceased father's estate.
Albert executor.