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Compiled by: Sue N. Haschemeyer snhasch (at) aol.com
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Last Will and Testament of Elisha G. Dunnuck
Indiana - 1894

 Transcribed by Sue N. Haschemeyer

 In the Name of God A____?____, I Elisha G. Dunnuck being of sound mind do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking any and all former will (not wills) by me made.

1st. As soon as practicable after my death, I direct that my just and legal indebtedness be paid out of my personal estate.

2d. To my beloved
wife Mary Dunnuck I give and bequeath the residue of my estate both personal and real, and really consisting of the West half the South West quarter of Section Thirty five. Town Thirty three North Range five East containing Eighty acres, to have and hold the same with all the rights and privileges thereto belonging during her life time. and whatever may remain of said legacy ah ("ah?) her demise . I hereby make the following distribution.

3d. After the death of my beloved wife, to my son
William M. Dunnuck or his heirs I give and bequeath One hundred dollars to be paid out of the remaining portion of my estate,

4 th The residue of the Estate remaining at the death of my beloved wife I give and bequeath in equal proportions to my beloved daughter
Rebecca Grubx or her heirs, Christina Miller or her heirs. and my Grandson Elisha Edward Knepper, and should the said Elisha Edward Knepper die before reaching his majority. then the portion set apart to him to fall equally to my two daughters above married or their heir.

5th My Grand son Elisha Edward Knepper is to have his Mother's bedding and bureau, now in possession of my wife and so held for him.

Sixth) I hereby appoint the nominate my wife Mary Dunnuck as the executrix of my estate with the right to call to her assistance such person as she may choose as co-executor of my estate.

Its testimony whereof, I have hereto set my hand and seal this 24 day of June 1880.

Elisha G. DUNNUCK (seal)

signed and sealed in the presence of J. A. Friecke Geo. N (or W) Bituer
Codicil No. 1

That part of the provision No. 4 Relating to the bequest made to Elisha Edward Knepper, conditioned that should he die before reaching his majority the share to him to revert to my my (
yes two - "my my") two daughters. Now where as the said Elisha Edward Knepper has passed his minority and married, and now has two heirs. The share heretofore willed to him shall be without conditions and he is to share alike with the two daughters named in bequest No. 4, him or his heirs.

done this 30 day of April 1892.

Elisha G. Dunnuck (seal)


done in the presence the day above written J. A Fuubi and Geo. N. Bituer
Before me, William D. Wood, Clerk of the Kosciusko Circuit Court, personally cause J. A. Fueck and George N. Bituer the subscribing witness to the forgoing last Will and Testament and codicil thereto of Elisha G. Dunnuck, late of said County, deceased and being duly sworn on oath says that they were present at the execution thereof. said testator was of full age to devise his property, of sound mind and memory and not under any coercion or restraint that said testator requested then to sign said will and codicil thereto so witness thereto which they accordingly did in the presence of testator and in the presence of each other as subscribing witnesses thereto.

Subscribed before me this 26 day of June 1884, William D. Wood, Clerk.
I William D. Wood, clerk of the Kosciusko Circuit Court, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing last will and testament and codicil thereto, of Elisha G. Dunnuck, late of Kosciusko County, state of Indiana, deceased, was this day duly admit to probate and record, and the proof thereof duly made by Jos. A. Furik and Geo. Bituer the subscribing witnesses thereto, which said will and codicil thereto, together with such proof, have been duly recorded in Record of Wills, 5 page 79 of this office.

(Seal) Witness, my hand the Seal of said Court this 26 day of June 1894. William D. Wood, Clerk of the Kosciusko Circuit Court


Note the inconsistant spelling of the name Dunnuck in the following.

This is to certify that the undersigned, William M. DUNNICK, has received from Rebecca Grube, Christina Miller and Edward Knepper heirs, devises and legatees of Elisha G. Dunnack, deceased, late of Kosciusko County in the State of Indiana, the sum of One hundred dollars ($100.00) in full settlement of all my interest in the estate of said Elisha G. Dunnick, both real and personal and in full of the amount due one sender and by virtue of the last Will and testatment of said Elisha G. Dunnuck, which Will has been duly probated and recorded in the Record of Wills of Kosciusko County, State of Indiana in the office of the Clerk.

Dated this 24 day of March 1898 signed William M. Dunnuck

(Notarized Mary 24, 1898 by Joseph G. Brackenridge)