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Compiled by: Sue N. Haschemeyer snhasch (at) aol.com
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For those of you beginning your search, be aware that the name is spelled many different ways with DUNNICK, DUNNUCK and DUNNOCK being the most prevalent. The spelling was inconsistent even within single family groups. I have seen this between father and son, as well as among siblings. In many cases the spelling changed during various stages of the man's life as he moved to new locations. The children of John Dunn*ck of Baltimore County, Maryland used a variety of spellings, as did John himself. In Ohio, the "DUNNICK" spelling was popular with John's children. These same descendants, as they moved to other areas, adopted other spellings. "DUNNUCK" is the most common with those who removed to Indiana. Yet, a few Hoosiers maintained the "ICK" spelling. Descendants of Thomas (MD-OH) used all the various spelling. "uck, ick, ock" as they migrated to IL and some on to KS and beyond. Obviously these early Dunn*ck's did not have a set spelling and were not fussy about it. It is possible some were illiterate and the recording of the family name was left to the record keepers of the time. These record keepers were the census takers, clergy, attorney, judges and etc. Spelling of the name may also have been colored by the original language of both the speaker and the recorder.

For a good example of this varied spelling see Joshua b. 1810 "

How the name is spelled in this index is not iron clad. Some of those listed used several spellings.....I recorded the one I saw most often. Maryland's, "Dorchester group" seems to be the most consistent in their spelling, (DUNNOCK). Most (but not all) of the "OCK's" are listed in a separate smaller index..

I hope you are able to find your Dunn*ck roots here. If not please let us hear from you. If you don't find your line, contact the webmaster, She has much more than is on this site, but either has not had time to add it yet, or has left it off in case the person might be living. In either event she can tell you where your line probably starts.

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