Dunn*ck Family Genealogy

Compiled by: Sue N. Haschemeyer 
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Did you know?

There is a DUNNUCK Street in Sheridan WY. It was named after David Dunnuck, grandson of Thomas of MD, David died in Sheridan.
"... as Bill Bryson pointed out in his book 'Mother Tongue', the colonies (USA and Australia) actually speak an older form of English and hold to older English customs than the Mother country. Bob notes in his book 'A Song for Every Season' that his dad Jim referred to the dreaded outdoor lavatory as the 'dunnick'... and people claim that 'dunny' is an Australian term! "

Source: (Genealogy - Cooper family - of Australia) http://wwwmcc.murdoch.edu.au/~gillard/copper/healey.html (gillard@central.murdoch.edu.au)
There was a vacant building known as the DUNNICK BUILDING in Beloit WI (W. Grand Ave) in 1987? Wonder who it was named after.
In 1945 , in Beloit, WI - Dunnick's (apparently a store) sold fine Stetson hats for $10.00.
A dunnock or hedge sparrow is a European bird similar in size and coloring of a sparrow, but with a slate-grey head and breast, and a more slender bill. It is characterized in the field by a hopping gait, with continual twitches of the wings when feeding. It nest is bushes and hedges.
 A dunnick - in the vernacular of the English gypsy's was a cow.
Did you know that there is a place in England called Dunnock Shaw?
That is the modern spelling. Back in the 17 and 18 hundreds it was spelled Dunnack Shaw. Just thought that was an interesting little tidbit. From Cheryl Dunn
ack, 2001