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Compiled by: Sue N. Haschemeyer snhasch@aol.com
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Maryland Baptisms


Below is why I am slowly accepting John 1773 as the son of John 1747.
Most from the family of John 1773 feel that he is.

I have one obituary from a child of John (b.1773) that refers to her uncle Joshua, a descendant of John and Sarah (Sutton) DUNNUCK.(see below)

I would like to see more than one link.

St. James Parish Record, My Lady's Manor, Baltimore Co. MD

1787 Aug 25 John s/o John & Catherine Sutton
1787 Aug 25 Thomas s/o John & Catherine Sutton DUNNUCK  

Baptism's at St. James Protestant Episcopal Parish, Baltimore Co. MD

1793 June 24 Rachel d/o John & Catherine Sutton DUNN*CK LDS: C 507821
1796 Nov. 25 Catherine d/o John & Catherine Sutton DUNN*CK LDS: C 507821
1797 Dec. 22 Joseph Sutton s/o John & Sarah LDS: C 507821
1799 Nov. 26 Luke Wiley s/o John & Sarah LDS: C 507821
1801   Sarah d/o John & Jemima (error? reverse female names) LDS C:507821
1805 Feb. 1 Hellen d/o John & Sarah LDS C:507821


While I believe John 1773 is somehow related,
I believe a John W. is also a likely candidate to be the son of John b. 1747

  John b. 1773 m. Sarah (HUGHES) DUNNUCK - Son Samuel b. 1798 is not shown as baptized here.. Yet Joseph and Luke are listed..I do not find the above children's names listed amoung John and Sarah's children.... except possibably a Luke, yet I can not find anything positive to connect him... and no dates...just a single mention of the name Luke.  
  John W. DUNNUCK. m. Sarah WILEY.
Sarah's mother, Sarah Sutton was a sister to Catherine Sutton who married John DUNNUCK (1747-1819)
[Sarah (Sutton) married Vincent WILEY.]
  Strong evidence that John, wife Sarah (Hughes), is the son of John 1747  
Catharine, born 1812, daughter of John and Sarah (Hughes) DUNN*CK -- obit calls Joshua her uncle. This is the strongest evidence I have.

By including the children, Luke Wiley Dunnuck, Hellen Dunnuck and Joseph Sutton Dunnuck and also Sarah, whose mother is listed as Jemima, (I believe to be an error - reverse it -- ie Jemima whose mother was Sarah), the census figures in 1810 MD census start making sense. I would be wondering if John was twice married, except that Samuel is born in 1798 and a number of the missing children are born after that time.