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Compiled by: Sue N. Haschemeyer snhasch@aol.com

EHRET (in America) (in Germany) (ERHARDT / ERHARD)
index of names of Americans
index of surnames intermarried with Ehrets in America
index of names of ancestors in Germany

by Sue Haschemeyer

Copyrighted 1985, corrections and adapted for Internet July/Aug. 2000- copyrighted

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THANKS to BRIDGET COULLON, (Bridget is descendant of Georg Michael) we now have information on our Ehret (Erhardt) family in Germany. Her very carefully documented information comes from the Protestant Parish registers in Illingen,Wurttemberg. Bridget's research has a yellow background. Wonderful job Bridget!! (updated 2002)
Translations are from the following:
Protestant Parish of Illingen, family register Vol I, page 185
1811 Illingen, family register, page 317

Seelenliste "soul list" (appears to be listing made in 1864 after French army destoyed earlier registers) 1694, 1694, 1732
Sterberegister (death register) 1715, 1716, 1718, 1719, 1725, 1727, 1732, 1742, 1743, 1756, 1771, 1773, 1779, 1780, 1785, 1809- page 39, 1811
Taufreigister (baptismal register) 1700, 1720, 1721, 1747, 1777, 1778
Eheregister (marriage register) 1713, 1715,1718,1720, 1725, 1726, 1727, 1746, 1767, 1771, 1774, 1774-item #1
Seitenzahl (page #) Family Registers. Fol= pg # -- Fol 39, Fol. 317
19th Century Emigrants from Baden-Wurttemberg, Vol 1 the Enzkreis by Brigitte Burkett, Picton Press, Camden main, pg 89
Once again we owe Bridget a hugh thanks ! She has added many names going back to 1612. This new information in primarily on the maternal (female) side of Madgalena's family - Magdalena was the wife of immigrant Michael Ehret. (updated Feb. 2003)

Birth Register Derdingen, Wurtemberg Germany 1653, 1674,1678, 1701, 1735
Death Register Derdingen, Wurtemberg, Germany 1682, 1692, 1657, 1658, 1710, 1737, 1747, 1751, 1758 1763
Marriage register Derdingen, Wurtemberg Germany 1653,1659, 1675, 1683, 1700, 1732, 1752
Birth Register Tuningen, Wurtemberg 1664, 1670, 1708
Death Register Tuningen, Wurtemberg 1669, 1684 1682, 1687, 1700, 1704, 1729, 1733
Marriage Register Tuningen, Wurtemberg 1668, 1670, 1688, 1700, 1703
Birth Register Grossglattbach, Wurtemberg 1700, 1705, 1708, 1744
Marriage Register Grossglattbach Wurtemberg 1723, 1732
Death Register Grossglattbach, Wurtemberg 1722, 1743, 1747, 1766, 1783
Thanks to Henry Schmidt for information of Joseph (b. 1831 in Philadelphia, PA) & his wife Mary Jane (Musham) Ehret and his descendants. (updated 2007)

Index of Ehret First Names

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intermarried with Ehrets


Albert" A.C." (1881-1946)
Alice (1869- )

Anna Maria (1835 - )
Ann/Anna (1878/9-1902)
Ansel (1885- )
Bertha (1874 - 1957)

Catherine Ehret (ca 1839- )
Christian Albert (1881 -1946)

Clara Bell (ca. 1862-1902
Clara Ellen (1871-1843)
Clara Daisy (1899-1986)

Cornelius Oliver (1863-1944)
Dwight Y. (1894-1969)
Elias Frederick (1808-1876)

Stories Elias' youth

Elsie (after 1862 - )
Elizabeth ( ca 1847 - )

Florence Mildred (1900-1996)
Frederick C. (1876 - 1955)

Georg "Michael" (1778-1858) patriarch
George Christian ( ca 1810 - )
George (1868 - )
George W.

Hannah (ca 1841- )
Harry (after 1862 - )
Homer E. (1873-1910)
Howard Winfield (1889-1955)


Jacob Frederick (ca. 1804 - )
Jacob F. 1835-1908

James Warren (ca 1862-1937)

John Gottfried (ca 1816 - )
John "Michael" (ca 1806- 1889)
John (ca 1839 - 1915)
John (ca 1842 - )
John "Russel" (1892-1953)
John Michael (1906-1931)

Joseph (1831 - 1875 )
Joseph (ca 1841 - 1901)
Joseph L. (ca 1879-1905)
Joseph O. (1885-1887)
Josephine (aft, 1862 - )
Josephine (1869-1897)

Lovina (ca 1849- )
Lovina Esther (1867-1951)

Maria Magdalina (1833 - )
Mary (ca 1840- )
Mary (1853-1897)
Magdalena (1779- 1870) 

Melvin D. (1893 - )
Mersian (male) ( 1897 - )

Michael (1777- 1858) (patriarch)
John "Michael" (ca 1806- 1889)
Michael (1838 -1913 )
Mike (ca 1843 - )
Michael (1859-1906)

Milo (1873 - )

Minerva E. (1865-1901)

Ona Marie (1895-1966)

Otto Frederick (1904-1980)

Rosina Magdalena (1803 - )
Rose Ehret (ca 184?- )
Rufus (1866--1912)

Sarah (1855-1936)
Sarah (aft 1868 - )

Sophia Apsina (1833-______)
Sophia (ca 1836- )
Sophia Elizabeth (1866-1941 ) 

Velma (1896 - )
William (1868-1936)
William Henry (1830 - )

Index of other surnames, ancestors and intermarried with Ehrets

AUSTIN, George m. Sarah in MI

BECHLER, Candace



Anna Barbara (1760-1737)
Hans Borow ( - 1687
Joseph (father of Hans)


Clive b. 1899

CATHCART, Ellen (b. 1841-1893)



DAVIS, Emma C. (b. 1872 -1928 )

DILLMANN, Rosina Barbara


DONOVAN, James McCorquodale

DUNNUCK, Ruby G. (1888-1962)
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Eva Maria

Hans Jacob


ESSIG, Frank Wendell (m. 1915)

FACE, William H. (1896-1981)

Cornelia (m. 1879)

FISHER, Mr. (2)




GABLER, Anna Maria (1654-1737)

Sir Casper Gabler (father)


Maria Agnes (1708-1751)
Sir Johann Georg (1664-1733)
Hans Glockler ( - 1703
Magdalena (ca 1636-1700)
Hans Glockler (1612-1684)

Apollonia (1612-1669)

HARTMAN, Martha (m. 1901)

Maria Catharina

Hans Jerg


Agnes Dorothea (1735-1801)
Georg Jacob (1701-63)
Hans Erhard Jr. (1678-1747
Sir Hans Erhardt (1653-1710)
Sir Erhardt (bef. 1640 -

HENNING, Sophia (1811-1903)

Jacob - living PA 1835

HERING, Emiline m. Oct. 9, 1852

INKS, Ellen or Eleanor

IRION, Anna Catharine ( - 1704)

Hans Irion (father)



KEYS, Anna (1883-1906)

KOHL, Anna Marie ( - 1682



KURTZ, Christian (m. 1826)

Joyce (male)

LEHMAN, Amos (1873-1943)

LEHMAN, Anna (widow of Jacob)


LETHERMAN, Henry (1861-ca 1930)





LINGG, Maria "Sophia" 1807-1874



MANTZ, Anna Maria




MISHLER, Elizabeth

MIX, Nora (1873- )

Mary (1842-1907)


MUSHMAN, Mary Jane (1838-1926)

MYERS, John O.


NUSBAUM, Christian (1853-1916)

John (1812-1814)
Frances Eleanor
Ralph O. (1885-1961)
Roger Frederick (1919-2009)
Rosa May (1877-1973

NUSBAUM, Jacob (1805-1855)

Samuel (1846-1907)
Lawrence E.
Walter D.
Carrie Bell




RENNER, George

Merl E. (1897-1948)
Goodsell (1912 - )
Porter (1905 - )
George O. or C. Jr. (1900-1921)

REESE, William



RUPP/ROUPP, Anna Rosina

Anna Maria
(Johann) Hans Michael
Hans Wendel

SAILOR, Elizabeth

SCOTT, Hattie

, Lydia (1849-1907)

SELLERS, Edwin J. (1865 -1946)S

Ellen (b. 1895 -

SMELTZER, Anna (see Lehman, Mrs. Anna )

Susan Magdalena

STAUFFER, Saddie m. 1901 ( - 1964)

STEALY, George



STILLWELL, Margaret A. "Lydia" (1868-1891)

STORCK, Agnes Magdalena

Johann Michael (1741-1811)
Johann Michael (1700-1780)
Barbara (c.1666-1742)
Johann Jacob (1660-1732)







VanDYKE, Clara Belle, m. 1899
YATES, Pearl Ethel (b. MT)
YODER, Nancy ( 1865- 1899)
YODER, Anthony B. "Ant" (1870-1943)


WEAVER, Grace F. (m. 1916)
, Florence E.Carrie




WISHLER, Elizabeth

YPPICH/ IPPICH, Anna Dorothea

Sir Hans Christoph Yppich . . . . .(1627-1692)
Sir Hans Christoph Ippich
. . . . . (bef 1612-



Index and Chart of family from Illingen, Wurttemberg, Germany

 Immigrants  Parents  Grandparents  Great Grandparents  G.G.Grandparents.
       Jacob Erad 1657-1725  
      Grave digger  
    Jacob F. Ehrhardt 1721-1785  m. 1720 Hans Jacob ERBELIN
d. before 1720
    Vine-dresser  wife #4. Eva Maria ERBELIN
  Elias F. ERHARD 1747-1809     ??
  Shoemaker  m. 1746     
        Elias DILLMAN
      Elias DILLMANN d. 1756  bucket-maker 
   m. 1774 Rosina B. Dihlman 1720-79 bucket-maker ??
George Michael Ehret      m. 1713  
1777 Illingen-1858 in PA       Hans Jerg Hailmann
1655 -. 1716 age 60
  Shoemaker     Maria Catharina Heilmann
b 1690
m ca. 1681
        Anna Maria 1655-
      Hans Wendel RUOPP
d. 1722
    Hans (Johann) Michael ROUPP 1708-1783  Magdalena  
To America 1819 with wife & 6 children Anna Maria* (RUPP) widow of J. M. Goez
1744 -1800 (twin)
m. 1783     
    Anna Maria MANTZ/MANZ 
Johann MANTZ (ca 1763-1747)  
      m. c 1700-1701  
      Barbara (c 1673-1743)  
      Jacob Storkh ca. 1660-1732  
 m. 1801 in Illingen   Johann "Michael" Storckh 1700-1780 m. ca 1693  
  Johann Michael Storck 1741-1811   Vine-dresser   Barbara 1666-1742  
  m. 1735    
  Baker   Johann SPAT  
    Susanna Magdalena SPATH
d. 1771, age 63
   m.1767 at Derdingen      
        Sir Hans Erhardt Heymberger (1653-17100,
son of Sir Erhardt Heimberg and Anna
      Hans Erhard HEIMBERGER, Jr. 1678-1747 m. 1700 Anna Maria GABLER, 1654-1737
dau of Sir Caspa Gabler
        Sir Hans Christoph YPPICH 1627-1692
son of Sir Johann Christoph IPPICH
Agnes Magdalena Storck   Georg Jacob Heimberger
 Anna Dorothea YPPICH (1674-1758)  Anna Marie KOHL d. 1683,
dau of Michael KOHL
  Agnes Dorothea Heimberger 1735-1801 (first wife) farmer in Derdingen
m. 1732
   Maria Agnes GLOCKHLER 1708-1751  Sir Johann Georg GLOCKHLER 1664-1733 m. 1688 Hans GLOCKLER d.1703,
son of Hans 1612-1684 and Apollonia 1612-1669 
        Magdalena ca 1636-1700
      Anna Barbara Borbow 1670-1737 Hans BORHOW d. 1687,
son of Joseph
        Anna Catharine IRION d. 1704,
dau of Hans

Great Great Grandparent
of Immigrant Michael

Hans Jacob ERBELIN
of Gultlingen, Wildberg Dist.
died before 1720

His daughter, Eva Maria ERBELIN

Jacob Erad

Great Great Grandparents of Immigrant, Michael Ehret



bucket-maker in NuBdorf.

Had a son Elias DILLMANN bucket-maker in Illingen
who was born aroung 1689 and wed Maria Catarina Heilmann

"the marriage between Elias Dillman, bucket-maker (son of Elias Dillman, bucket-maker in NuBdorf) and Maria Catharina Heilmann (daughter of Hans Jerg Heilmann, cooper?, alderman and parish curator in Illingen) has been performed on 17 Jan. 1713 in Illingen."

Great Great Grandparents
of Immigrant Michael

"cooper? alderman & parish curator in Illingen"

"An entry in the family listing of Illingen, extablished in 1694 after the destruction of the early registers by the French army. Hans Jerg Hailmann was born on 12 Sept 1655 in Derdingen, and married Anna Maria, born 6 Jan 1655 in Illingen.

Their children were Eva b. 1864 and
Maria Catharina
born 21, August 1690", future wife of Elias Dillmann

Hans Jerg Hailmann, a cooper and currently the mayor, native of Derdingen, was buried 15 Nov. 1716 in Derdingen, age 60 years and 2 months.

Great Grandparents of Immigrant Michael Ehret


Jacob Erad (ERHARDT), grave-digger, Illingen, Wurttemberg, Germany
Another proper way to list the location is Illingen, Enzkreis, Germany)

An entry in the family listing of Illingen, established in 1694 after the destruction of earlier registers by the French Army. Jacob Erhardt, born around Michaelsmas 1657 in Illingen, married around Martinsmas 1687 Anna Maria, born 1660 in Iptingen.

Jacob, Born 1657 ( about September 29) and died 3 August 1725 at the age of 68. He was married 4 times. His son Jacob was from his marriage with his 4th wife Eva Maria ERBELIN

m. 1687 to Anna Maria Reimer. Anna was born about 1660 in Iptingen and was buried March 27, 1715 in Illingen.
m. 1715, November to Katharina RoB., who was buried in Feb. 1718 in Illingen 46 yrs and 6 mos.
m. 1718, October in Illingen to Anna Barbara Butzer or RoBwag) who was buried August 1719, age 41, 10 mos.
m. 6 Feb. 1720 to Eva Maria ERBELIN, daughter of the late Hans Jacob ERBELIN in Gultlingen, Wildberg district. Jacob Erhardt d. in August 1725. Eva then went on to marry two more times.

Next she married Heinrich Ernst, 12 Feb. 1726 in Illingen. He was a widower from Stammheim. He was buried 21 Feb. 1727. Then, 17 November 1727 she wed Michael SchiBler, in Illingen
When she died 11 Jan 1743, she was age 65 and was listed as the widow of Michael SchiBler

Great Grandparents of Immigrant Michael Ehret of Illingen Germany and PA, USA


Hans Wendel RUOPP

d. 6 July 1722
m. Magdalena

Their son Hans (Johann) Michael RUOPP wed Anna Maria MANTZ


of GroBglattbach.

Great Grandparents of Immigrant Michael Ehret of Illingen Germany and PA, USA


Johann Mantz

b. ca 1673,
d. March 7, 1747,
m. ca 1700-01 to Barbara

Their daughter Anna Maria Mantz

b. September 30, 1705 and
d. May 9, 1766 Anna Maria wed Hans (Johann) Michael Ruopp

Great Grandparents of Immigrant Michael Ehret of Illingen Germany and PA, USA



bucket-maker in Illingen
d. 12 June 1756 in Illingen, age 67 3 1/2 months by fever. Elias was the son of Elias Dillmann, bucket-maker in NuBdorf.

he married 17 January 1713 in Illingen to Maria Catharina Heilmann, daughter of Hans Jerg Heilmann and Anna Maria. Maria was born August 21, 1690.
Their daughter Rosina Barbara DILLMAN married Jacob Friederich ERHARD

Grandparents of Immigrant Michael Ehret -- of Illingen


Jacob Friderich Ehret (Erad)


Jacob Friderich Ehret (Erad) born 3 April 1721 in Illingen, he died 12 Sept 1785"of flowing fever. He was the "son of grave-digger Jacob Erhart and his 4th wife Eva Maria ERBELIN

married 17 May 1746 in Illingen. (double wedding - Rosina's sister also wed that day) wife, Rosina Barbara Dillmann b. 13 August 1720, (the daughter of Elias Dillmann, bucket-maker and wife Maria Catharina Heilmann). Rosina died 8 February, 1779 convulsions age 58 years, 5 months, less 5 days.

Their son Elias Friedrich Ehret was born July 1, 1747

Grandparents of Immigrant Michael Ehret of Illingen and PA


Hans (Johann) Michael
RUOPP and Anna Maria MANTZ

Hans Michael RUOPP
b. October 2, 1708
d. December 22, 1783.

He wed Anna Marie

June 24, 1732, Anna Maria, was
b. September 30, 1705.
d May 9, 1766

Their daughter Anna Rosina RUPP (in come records Anna Maria) was born August 17, 1744 She wed Elias Friedrich Erhard.

(Anna Rosina was a twin. Her sister was Magdalena) .

Great Grandparents Jacob and Barbara

Grandparents of Immigrant Agnes "Magdalena" (STORCK) EHRET



"An entry in the family listing of Illingen, established in 1694 after the destruction of the earlier registers by the French army. Jacob Storkh, born around 20 May 1660 in Illingen, married around 3 Dec. 1693 Barbara, born 1666 in Schutzingen."

"Jacob Storck called "alt" died 4 Jan 1732 in Illingen at age (about) 70."

"Barbara, widow of Johann Jacob STORCK, died on 19 April 1742 in Illingen at age of 76"

Their son was Johann 'Michael' STORCK b. 1700

Johann 'Michael' STORCK


b. 5 Aug 1700 in Illingen, d. 23 June 1780 in Illingen after falling from a hay wagon. age 80 years less 1 month and 12 days. He was the son of Jacob Storckh and his wife Barbara.

His first wife was Elisabeth Catarina Wirth, dau of Willhelm Wirth, farmer in Illingen. She was buried 10 July 1733.

+Susanna Magdalena SPAT (2nd wife) m. 1 Nov. 173__. She was the daughter of Johann SPAT. She died March 3, 1771 in Illingen, age 63 of stitching fever. Their daughter was Agnes Magdalena STORCK, who wed immigrant Johann Michael Ehret

Parents of Immigrant Michael Ehret - of Illingen were:

Elias Friedrich ERHARDT (EHRET),
July 1, 1747-Dec. 24, 1809)

s/o Jacob Friderich Ehret and Rosina Barbara Dihlmann (see Grandparents directly above)

wife, Anna Rosina (nee RUPP) from GroBglattbach.

Anna Maria, was the widow of farmer Johann Martin Goez in Illingen who died 21 May 1773 in Illingen at the age of 26. Goez and Anna had been wed in 1771

Marriage (Elias & Anna), 26 April, 1774 in Illingen, Wurttemberg, Germany. Source Illingen Parish Registers. This source also gives her name as Anna Maria RUPP. She was the daughter of Michael Rupp in GroBglattbach.

Not all sources agree on her name Variations include: Anna Rosina RUPP, Anna Maria RUPP and Rosina RUPP.

of immigrant, Georg "MICHAEL" EHRET, Sr. 1777-1858 His wife was "Magdalena"

Thanks to Bridget. Source Auszug aus den Kirchenbuchern der evang. Pfarrei, Illingen. Summary in English:

"Elias Friedrich Ehret, a shoemaker, died on 24 December 1809 after 5 o'clock a.m. in Illingen by fever and stitching disease, age 62 years 5 months, 23 days. and was buried on 26 Dec. 1809 at 9:30 before the morning sermon. He was the widower of Anna Rosina RUPP from GroBglattbach (d. 24 Jan. 1800) and the son of Jacob Fridrich Ehret, vine-dresser in Illingen (d. 17 Sept 1785) and of Rosina Barbara Dihlmann (d. 8 Feb. 1779)

 Parents of Immigrant Agnes "Magdalena" (STORCK) EHRET
Johann Michael Storck
"Baker & innkeeper"

Protestant Parish of Illingen, Family Register, Baden Wurtemberg Vol. 1, page 185

Johann Michael STORCK, baker in Illingen. born Dec. 10, 1741 in Illingen. Died of consumption 3 May 1811 at the age of 69 years 5 months. Buried May 5th.

He was the son of Johann Michael STORCK, farmer from Illingen and Susanna Magdalena SPATH. from Oberriexingen.

His 1st wife,
whom he married in 1767 in Derdingen was Agnes Dorothea Heimberger of Derdingen. She was born 10 August 1735 , the (daughter of Georg Jacob Heimberger, farmer in Derdingen his and wife Agnes.) She died of emboly and apoplexy, 16 November 1801, in Illingen, (buried the 18th) age of 65 years 3 months.

his 2nd wife was Margaretha Woern

  to ancestors of Agnes Dorothea Heimberger, mother to Agnes "MAGDALENA" STORCK



Michael EHRET, SR:
b. December 28, 1777
d. July 3, 1858, Philadelphia, PA

from Bridget: Souce: Auszug aus den Kirchenbuchern der evang. Pfaffei, Illingen (Extracted records for baptisms, deaths, and marriages from the Protestant Parrish in Illingen) Summary in English: "George Michael was born on Dec. 28, and was baptized on 29 December 1977 in Illingen, George Michael was the son of shoemaker Elias Friedrich Ehrhardt and his wife Rosina Ruep. George Michael emigrated to America on 20 Apr. 1819 with wife nee STORCK and 6 children." Arrived in Philadelphia, PA aboard the ship "Recovery" from Amsterdam, July 26, 1819.

from Bridget: Souce: Nineteenth Century Emigrants from Baden-Wurttemburg, Vol. 1: the Enzkreis, Picton Press, Camden Main by Brigitte Burkett, CGRS, page 89

wed 10 Feb. 1801 in Illingen

Magdalena (wife of Michael Ehret, Sr.)
born & baptized November 9, 1778 in Illingen
d. July 8, 1870, Philadelphia, PA

from Bridget: Source" Protestant Parish of Illingen, Family Register, Baden Wurtemberg Vol. 1, page 185 Agnes Magdalena STORCK was born 9 November 1778, the daughter of Johann Michael STORCK, baker in Illingen. who died 3 May 1811 at the age of 69 years 5 months and his wife, Agnes Dorothea Heimberger from Dertingen. Agnes Dorothea died 16 November 1801 at the age of 65 years 3 months. Children, supposedly all born in Illingen" also Taufregister 1778, her birth & parents, marriage, and emigration.
[*children who immigrated] The children are listed in birth order in the Protestant Parish on page 185, webmaster rearranged and added the *

* Rosina Magdalena b. 31 Jan 1803, confirmed 1817
* Jacob Friderich b. 5 Feb. 1804
* John Michael b. 18 May 1806
* Elias Friderich b. 15 August 1808
* George Christian b. 19 April 1810
* Johann Gottlieb b. 26 March 1815
Johann Jacob b. 11 Nov. 1801, d. 12 Nov. [1801], Illingen, Wurttemberg, Germany
Elisabetha Dorothea b. 17 Jan 1805, died 21 November 1805, Illingen, Wurttemberg,
Elisabetha Magdalena b. 8 Sept 1811 and died 2 October 1811, Illingen, Wurttemberg
Carl Christian b. 22 October 1812, d. 15 May 1814, Illingen, Wurttemberg, Germany

Children who immigrated: Jacob, John “Michael”, Rosina, Elias, and George Christian, and John Gottfied are listed in the article on Elias and in more detail near the end of this biographical sketch.

Michael was a shoemaker. The funeral services for both Michael and Magdalena were held at the home of their son-in-law, Christian Kurtz. They were buried at Odd Fellows Cemetery, 311 West Leigh Ave., Philadelphia, PA. When the Odd Fellows Cemetery closed in 1935, they were moved to West Laurel Hill Cemetery. Several Ehret (Ehred) grandchildren were baptized at St. Michael & Zion Lutheran Church. Germantown, PA.


Elias EHRET:
b. 15 Aug. 1808 Illingen,
Wurttemberg, Germany

d. August 24, 1876
Elkhart, Indiana

b. March 23, 1811
Wurttemburg, Germany
d. March 17, 1903 at home of
daughter Sarah Nusbaum
Elkhart, Indiana

There is a possibility that Sophia is Elias second wife. Bridget notes that in church records at St. Michael-Zion Register #749, Film No 74, Lutheran Seminary Library, Germantown, PA Elias was married to Catharina Nenz. Elias and Catharina Kenz are listed as baptismal sponsors to his brother Jacob’s child. The child whose name is not listed, was born Nov. 13, 1829, and baptized Jan 24, 1830. Its parents were Jacob and Hannah “Ehred.” However, in other cases if the second sponsor was the wife, only her first name is listed under her husbands. It appears that their name was regularly spelled Ehred in those records.

A calendar produced by Bob Ehret and a committee of family members is the source of much of the following on Elias' youth and the children of Elias' son Jacob.. Bob (great-great-grandson of Elias) recorded recollections by Ona Ehret Essig of conversations with her father Cornelius O. Ehret, and obviously did a great deal of research on his own. Cornelius was a grandson of Elias. I also wish to thank Bob Ehret for proofing the following which quotes or paraphrases parts of his calendar and for all his help with this article. The calendar also contained information of Jacobs's wife Mary Morris and her parents which is not included below.

Elias Ehret was born August 16, 1808 in Germany. Notes, written by Mrs. Ruby Nusbaum and placed in the family bible, indicate that he was born in Wurtenburg, Germany. Elias came to this country aboard a steamship “RECOVERY”, departing from Amsterdam. The baggage list, a copy of which was given to me by Bob Ehret, is included in this book and is dated July 26, 1819 and provides the following information about Elias' family. Elias’ parents were both 40 years old at the time and brought with them their six children:

Rosina May age l6
Jacob Fred 15
John Mic 13
Elis Fred 11
Geo Christian 9
John Gott 3
their bedding and a chest.

Stories of Elias' Youth (from the Ehret Calendar)

Elias’ father, Michel was a shoemaker, and his mother was listed as "wife". The spellings above are as they appeared on the shipping manifest. Information on Elias’ siblings follow at end of this biographical sketch.

As a boy, Bob Ehret was told the family lore about our immigrant ancestor, Michel Ehret. Reportedly, Michel brought his family to America to avoid conscription. They were German Baptists, (part of the Anabaptist movement) who opposed killing in war. According to Dr. J.C. Wenger, a historian at Goshen College, Goshen, Indiana, "in the early 1800's" (shortly after the beginning of conscription) "many German families emigrated to avoid European armies.

It was the custom that boys were hired out by the steamship companies for a certain length of time to pay for their fare across the sea. They became indentured servants. The older stronger children and young adults often served a longer indenture to compensate for their older parents or smaller children. Many families, well able to pay their passage indentured themselves in order to have a more gradual introduction into the country using the time to acquaint themselves with the ways and language." There were many abuses of this system.

The following paragraphs come from the Ehret calendar. "Elias was so small that no one wanted to take him. One farmer finally agreed to take him saying that he could mind the children. Elias reportedly was indentured for two years.

They lived in the neighborhood of Philadelphia. During this time, Elias attended school. It is said that the farmer was mean to Elias and didn't want him to have a good lunch, but 'the kind woman', by prearrangement with Elias, hid the lunch in a straw stack and he would get it there and go on to school. Even then, sometimes she couldn't manage and he would find no lunch.

Elias it seems loved fun as well as any boy and one time a sheep man came by to spend the night. Elias found out soon enough about a cross buck (angry sheep), so he would shake his cap at the end of the stiff tongue of the wagon. Then, when the buck ran after the hat, Elias scooted for the wagon box. Thus it went until finally the buck ran into the tongue and killed himself. Elias quickly ran to the house and brought the sheep man to see what was wrong. Guess he thought it was an accident.

During a storm, the farmer instructed Elias to hook the hinge door to the barn. Elias was too little even when he was standing on the bushel basket. He was unable to handle the door in the wind and was blown off. The farmer angrily climbed on the basket and attempted to fix the door himself. A gust of wind caught the door knocking it completely off and the farmer to the ground with the door on top of him. The farmer sustained injuries from which he never recovered. It is presumed that soon after this mans death that Elias went to Philadelphia where for several years he worked as an apprentice shoe cobbler. (Age 14) Although it was never said, there is certainly the possibility that Elias apprenticed under his father who was also a cobbler.

During his apprenticeship, cholera broke out and there were so many deaths that Elias became worried where upon he inquired of a Doctor as to precautionary measures. The Doctor told him to go back to work at his trade but if he liked Port wine to take a little now and then, and he didn't believe he would get the cholera. Being a real German and brought up on wine, he sipped as instructed until the Cholera outbreak was over. He always said, 'I used up all of my $300.00 savings but, Ha! Ha!, I didn't get the cholera.'

About 1822, Sophia Henning, came here from Germany via a sailing boat taking six weeks for the crossing. Here she was called Sophia but in Germany she was just plain "Suph". She was born March 23, 1811 in Wurtenburg, Germany."

According to the History of Elkhart County by Abraham E. Weaver, published by the American Historical Society of Chicago and New York, 1916, pages 730-731 under the account of Henry L. Letterman we find the following about Sophia Henning. "Sophia Henning was a native of Germany and came to America when a young woman. The payment for her passage across the Atlantic having been paid by indenture service after she had arrived in the New World. He (husband, Elias Ehret) was one of the early settlers of Olive Township, Elkhart County, and as a skilled shoemaker he found much requisition for his services in the manufacturing of boots and shoes at a time when all such work was done entirely by hand. Here he passed the residue of his life and his widow attained to the advanced age of ninety years."

Returning to the Ehret calendar and Ona Essigs' recollections we find that "Sophia immediately went to Philadelphia" (she doesn't say whether this was after she had served her indentured time or not). "They met at a dance in Philadelphia, and Elias says he could see that she was a green Dutchman too. As is often the case two strange people from the same homeland meet and fall in love on sight . They danced and walked home after changing and wearing each others shoes. (Elias claims to have taken her home the first time he ever saw her.)"

Dale Gerster has records showing that on October 11, 1830 at the age of 21, Elias became a naturalized citizen. On this document his name is mis-spelled "Erett".

When they were married Elias started his own shoe shop until the panic. When the panic hit, all Elias could save was an oxen team, wagon and a few shoemakers tools. He and Sophia left Philadelphia in this wagon and traveled to Ohio, not very far from Wooster. (This was in 1835 according to the 1881 Elkhart County History Book, page 1106, Publ. in Chicago, Ill. by Charles Chapman & Co.) I question this date because in the same book it lists Elias' son Jacob as being born in 1836 in Philadelphia. It is said that Elias had but two dollars in money when they arrived in Ohio.

(footnote: The panic mentioned above is most likely when the banks collapsed. (also see “wildcat money,” chapter 8, page 5) In 1832 the 2nd bank of the U.S. filed a petition before the U.S. Senate to renew its charter which would expire in 1836. President Jackson opposed renewal and vetoed the bill. He ordered Taney to remove public monies and transfer them to other select banks. A period of credit and inflation followed leading to the panic of 1837 and the depression of 1837-1843).

Jacob Ehret tells that in Ohio, his father, Elias, started a shoe shop in his house and than attended the Mennonite Church. Sophia didn't like this church. The Ehrets being too "high toned" they were German Baptists in Philadelphia, so when Elias went in his high hat and swallow tail coat she called him "stutsy" (Proud Ehret!). Sophia made plain cloths etc., and Elias told her that they must keep like these people for these people were his shoe customers. In Ohio they lived in Medina County. I would imagine they lived in Ohio from 1837 to 1840.

There is no mention as to how the family came to Indiana, but they first settled on a section two miles cattycornered from the Shriver house. (The 1881 History of Elkhart County Indiana states that they moved to Elkhart County in the year of 1840.) They purchased the land for $1.25 per acre.

On May 28, 1856, Elias purchased the farm that in 1963 was owned by Leonard Eby. The purchase was recorded on Dec. 18 1856 and is record 20, pages 500 and 501. The farm is located one mile west of Wakarusa, and two and a quarter miles north of the east side of the road, or just north of the Ehret’s School and the Baugo Church. Elias died August 24, 1876 on this farm and Sophia died March 17, 1903 at the home of her daughter Sarah Nusbaum. She was only days short of being 92.

The Children of

Elias & Sophia (Henning) EHRET

They had 10 children, 7 girls and 3 boys.

1. Sophia (Mrs. Sam Stutsman)
2. Jacob (Mary Morris)
3. John (Ellen Inks)
4. Catherine (Mrs. Jacob Robinson).
5. Hannah (Mrs. John Ramer)
6. Rose (Mrs. George Stealey)
7. Mike (Lydia Seitz)
8. Lovina (Mrs. Eli Lutz)
9. Mary (Mrs. Sam Nusbaum)
10. Sarah (Mrs. Christian Nusbaum)

1. Sophia Apsina Ehret, daughter of Elias and Sophia, was born Aug. 11, 1833 and baptized Sept. 1st at St. Michael & Zion Church (Lutheran) Philadelphia, PA. Sophia and husband Sam Stutsman had six children, Josephine, Elias, Mike, Mary, Martha, and Jack. They are buried in Olive Cemetery, near Wakarusa, IN.

Young Samuel Stutsman is listed in Harrison township, Elkhart Co. IN with his family in the 1850 Elkhart county census. He was 19 years old. Nearby lived 17 year old Sophia. I assume this to be her husband. While their were other Samuels in the area, their age didn't fit and they spelled their surname with a "z" i.e. Stutzman and none lived in such close proximity. Samuel's parents were Daniel B and Elizabeth Stutsman born ca 1807 in OH & 1809 in PA, respectively.

2. Jacob Fredrich Ehret was born in Philadelphia, PA on July 15, 1835 as recorded in the Jacob Ehret Bible (July 27, 1835 - church records) (Church records at St. Michael & Zion Lutheran Church show birth as July 27, and baptism on August 30, 1835) His baptismal sponsor was Jacob Henning. Jacob Ehret was one of the pioneer undertakers of Elkhart Co. IN. He wed Mary Morris on January 1, 1862.

When Jacob was called to service in the civil war, he was allowed to pay a fee of $100 and get a substitute, but when he was called a second time in 1864 he was unable to find a substitute and reported for duty Jan 1865.

Jacob was a farmer, bridge builder, carpenter and undertaker. Jacob died in Wakarusa, IN on Nov. 25, 1908. Mary (Morris) Ehret was born January 31, 1842 Olive Twp. Elkhart Co. IN, daughter of Isaac & Elizabeth (Sailor) Morris and died June 22, 1907. Jacob and Mary had eleven children; Cornelius, Minerva, Lovina, Alice, Clara, Sophia, Bertha, Fred, Ann, Albert, and an infant daughter. As of 1963, they had 35 grandchildren.
CHILDREN: Click here

3. John Ehret was born in PA, the son of Elias and Sophia (Henning) Ehret. John is buried in Lakeview cemetery in Nashville, Michigan . (1839-1915). He married Ellen (or Eleanor) Inks Dec. 25, 1860 Harrison Twp. Elkhart Co. IN. John enlisted in the civil war in 1862 and served throught the war.

They had seven children,

a..James Warren -”Jim” Ehrett, b. 1862 .(or d. 4-24-1937 age 73 - bur. . Woodland . . . . Cem., Nashville, MI) m. Clara Belle [nee: Vandyke] Townsent, March 21,
. 1899. Clara was born in 1872 in MI., the daughter of Isaac Van Dyke. Bur. Woodland Cem., Nashville, MI. Feb. 10,1903, age 41

b.George Ehret b. July 1868 ---- farmer / baptist minister of Kalamo, Eaton Co. MI

+. Nora Mix, December 28,1891. Daughter of Al & Elanor (SHEPHERD) MIX. Nora was born Jan.1873 in MI. She died (when her daughter Elva was about four years old) due to childbirth complications, that had troubled her for a number of years. This would have been about 1906. . They had a son Melvin D. b. Jan 1893, and daughter Clara D. b. November 1899, according to the 1900 census for Kalamo Twp., Eaton Co., MI

+ George married again much later in life. - no issue

Children of George and Nora:

b1. Melvin D. Ehret b. Jan 1893

b2. Clara Daisy Ehret was born Nov. 8, 1899, Kalamo Twp., MI
d. Nov. 25, 1986 Battle Creek MI

+ William Hubert Face of Kalamo, MI, , on November 1, 1917 at Kalamo, Eaton Co., MI. he was a farmer
W. H. Face was b. Dec. 2, 1896 - d. May 10, 1981
s/o Charles & Elizabeth (Raymond) Face

b3 Elva lal Ehret b. Nashville, MI about 1902. She left home when 13 and worked in a boarding house in Lansing, MI while she put herself through High School. She worked as a secretary. A descendant "Shannon" reports that "lal" was her actual middle name and is spelled with a lower case "L".
. . .+ George STEWART June 6, 1922 business man / real estate
. . . Children: One daughter - .

c. Milo J. Ehret b. May 1873 in MI m. Emma Catherine Davis b. Feb. 7, 1872 in MI. This family lived in Nashville, MI. Milo is bur. Kalamo Cem. Eaton Co. MI. . Emma b. Feb. 7, 1872 the daughter of James Harrison Davis, Sr. and Hannah Henrietta Howe. Emma died June 4, 1928. Milo is buried at the Kalamo Cemetery in Eaton Co., MI

Known children: (see 1900 census for Kalamo Twp., Eaton Co., MI)
Velma b. April 1896
Mersian (male) b. June 1897
Male infant d. Mar. 14, 1899- 9 days at old Kalamo (Eaton Co., MI)

d. Harry Ehret
e. Josephine Ehret
f. Elsie A. Ehret August 27, 1880 Barry Co., MI
. . + Earl G. TARBELL 25 Sept 1907 in Charlotte, Eaton Co., MI

R.M.T. (daughter)
+ G.S. (spouse)

g. Child Ehret

4. Catherine Ehret and her husband Jacob Robinson had a daughter Harriet. Catherine was born ca. 1839 in PA. 1860 census for Olive twp., Elkhart Co., IN, next to Elias Ehret .....Jacob 23, b. OH & Catherine 21,b. PA married. no children listed in 1860. 1870 census has Jacob Robison age 33 and Catherine Robinson age 30 - an invalid.in Wakarusa, Elkhart Co., IN. With them is Lovina Ehret age 19 (assume she is her sister) Catherine and Jacob have one daughter, Harriet age 8.

5. Hannah Ehret and her husband John Ramer lived on a farm between Elkhart and Goshen. Hannah b. ca 1841 in PA. They had four children, Mahola, Mary, William, and Lovina. Ramer/Raymer?
1880 census for Moreau, Morgan county, Missouri Lists: John farmer b.OH age 37. Hannah age b. PA, Mahaley age 13, b. IN, and the rest born in MO; Mary A. age 10, William age 9, Lavina age age 5 and Emma age 1. Hannah must have died between 1880 and about 1889 when John is marries Elizabeth V. in MO and together they have a daughter Minnie R. b. April 1895. (Lavina is called Vina) John and Elizabeth are both still living in 1910

6. Rose Ehret was born ca 1841.??45? 46 ?? in Ohio She and her husband George Stealey had an adopted daughter Gussie. They lived in Missouri but were both buried at the Prairie Street Cemetery on a four grave plot with Christian and Sarah (Ehret) Nusbaum. Her name may have been Rosann.

7. Michael Ehret was born August 5, 1843 in OH. He married Lydia Seitz (m. Elkhart Co. IN) August 4, 1867 and moved to Nashville, MI in 1868 along with his wife and 2 year old son, Rufus who was born Jan 1, 1868 . They had four children, three of whom survived, Rufus the eldest, Sarah and Homer E. In 1921 Michael was living in a log cabin near Mt. Pleasant, MI. The children were Rufus C., John, Sarah and Homer.
When older brother John enlisted in the Civil war in 1862, Michael enlisted in the 74th (IN) but was rejected for physical reasons. Lydia is buried at Lakeview cemetery in Nashville, MI. (1849-1907). I have seen an online query by Tom Johnson of Canada, stating Mike had an obit notice in a Grand Rapids MI. paper May 4, 1935.


Rufus C. (Jan. 1, 1868-1912 Nashville, MI) Tom Johnson, a descendant from Canada has information that has Rufus as buried in Lakeview cemetery in Nashville Michigan. The dates he has for Rufus are 1866-1912.
Rufus married Florence E. Wells. Rufus was a teacher in Nashville for 15 years then to Elkhart for a time. In 1901 he lived in Elkhart Co. IN and was at the time Manager of the newspaper the Wakarusa Citizen. Wife Florence of Tamworth, Ontario, Canada & d. in Tamworth, Ontario. two children: Florence & John.

Florence Mildred. b. Jan 10, 1900 at Nashville MI (Castelton Twp, Barry Co.). d. Nov.6, 1996 in Belleville Ont., Canada. m. James McCorquodale Donovan 24 May 1920, son of James & Margaret (Huffman) DONOVAN in Ontario, Canada. .They had 4 children

John Michael b.August 6, 1906 Barry Co.,Castleton Twp. near Nashville, MI. d. April 15, 1931 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Josephine - I would guess that she lived at least into her middle teens as I have a family photo which includes the parents with two young men and two young women who are at least 16 years old. I would guess the age range of the children to be between 16-25. There is a Josephine 1869-1897 (tombstone) buried at Lakeview Cem. Nashville, MI. This would fit.

Sarah m. George AUSTIN farmer Nashville, MI

Homer E. 1873-1910 farmer, Nashville, MI he wed Hattie Scott - Nashville, MI - Farmer at Nashville. Buried Nashville Michigan at Lakeview cemetery.

For more information on Rufus and his family see the History of Elkhart Co. [IN] page 401-2)

{In 1921, the following from Michigan, attended the Ehret reunion near Wakarusa, IN. They probably were the descendants of either Michael or John:

Michael Ehret, age 77, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Tarbell, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Curtis, Mr. and Mrs. Orla Ehret, Mrs. C.O. Mason and sons Robert and Richard and James Ehret all of Nashville, MI

and Ansel Ehret of Union MI.- (Ansel was the son of Jacob’s & Mary Morris’ son Cornelius)

8. Lovina Ehret was born ca.1849-50. Married Eli Lutz. Three children, Sophia, Roy, and Blanche... and I believe one more.

9. Mary Ehret was born March 14, 1853. She married Samuel Nusbaum July 3, 1871.. Mary and Samuel had six children. Walter, Lawerence, Nelson, Carrie, Hallie and Dora. She died July 9, 1897 at the age of 44 years, 3 mos. and 25 days of consumption (T.B.) Samuel was not the brother of Christian who married Sarah (#10 next). Samuel M. Nusbaum (Samuel Nussbaumer) was the born Bevilard, Bern Switzerland July 28, 1846 to Jacob and Katharine Charlotte (MOSER) Nusbaum. Samuel died in 1907. (Hallie may have been Hattie ??)

10. Sarah Ehret was born Dec. 18, 1855 in Elkhart Co. IN. She married Christian NUSBAUM the son of Peter and Barbara (Moyer) Nusbaum. She and died June 1936 at Elkhart, IN and is buried with her husband and sister Rose Stealey in the Olive Cemetery near Wakarusa, IN. Christian d. Dec. 19, 1916. They had two children, Rosa Mae & Ralph Orestus.

Rosa Mae m. Edward Gerster - one son, two granddaughters. Rosa was b. Dec. 18, 1877 on Farm near Wakarusa, and Ed was born Nov. 7, 1877. Ed. d. Oct. 10, 1953, and Rosa twenty years later on Nov. 19, 1973

Ralph Orestus Nusbaum m. Ruby Dunnuck - 2 sons, John and Roger, and one daughter Frances. Roger & his wife had four daughters, one son and 21 grandchildren and so far 11 great grandchildren. After his wife's death in 1969 he remarried - no children.


See history on Christian Nusbaum and Sarah Ehret, chapter V .



German births recorded in Illingen Family Book: pg 185

Rosina Magdalena: b. 31 January 1803 Illingen, Wurttemberg, Germany
(age 16 in 1819)
m. Christian KURTZ on August 29, 1826,
St. Michael & Zion Lutheran Church, Philadelphia (Germantown) PA

Jacob Frederick: b. February 5, 1804 Illingen, Wurttemberg, Germany (age 15 in 1819)
m. Hannah ( mother of child baptized Jan 1830)

John Michael (known as Michael) b. May 18, 1806 , Illingen, Wurttemberg, Germany (age 13 in 1819)
d. Apr. 26, 1889 in PA , Buried West Laurel Hill, Philadelphia, PA
m. Maria "Sophia" Lingg April 29, 1829, Philadelphia, PA St. Michael & Zion Lutheran Church
b. 1807 d. 1874, buried West Laurel Hill, Philadelphia, PA

J. "Michael" & M,."Sophia" had 9 Children:: William b.Jan 9, 1830, / Joseph b. 28 Oct. 1831, / Maria Magdalena b. July 7, 1833, / Anna Maria b. Apr. 4, 1835, / Sophia b. ca 1836 m. Charles Flood, / "Michael" (Georg Michael) b. 1838 d. 1913, / Mary b. ca 1840, / John b. ca 1842, / Elizabeth b. ca 1847

William Henry b. Jan 9, 1830, Phila. PA. d. 1919
+ Emeline Hering Oct. 9, 1852
Emiline b. 1836, d. Phila. PA-1908 (dates from tombstone)
5 children
. . . . . #3 Laura Mae Ehret b. 1869 - 1943 per tombstone (Mother & son buried together)
+ ?
......................... Lou Ehret Murray 1886-1908 (Laura's son)

Joseph Ehret b. Oct. 28, 1831 in Philadelphia, PA. d. 8 April 1875 in Cook Co., Chicago, IL
+ Mary Jane Musham, b. June 1838, d. 14 March 1926 in Chicago, Cook Co., IL
d/o William L. & Anna Musham.
8 Children: Michael b. 1859 // John b. 1860 // Thomas b. 1866 // William b. 1868, // , Ann, Joseph // Charles W b. 1870 //., and Mary b. 1875.
Information on the spouse & descendants of Joseph b. 1831 was shared (2007) with us by Henry Schmidt & his sister Lillian, both of IL, a direct descendant of Joseph.

1. Michael Ehret b. 9 June 1859 Chicago, IL d. 8 Oct. 1906 Chicago, IL
+ Anna Keys 24 June 1883 in Chicago. IL. She d. 25 Oct. 1906 in Chicago, IL

2. John Ehret b. 1860

3. Thomas Ehret b. 1866, d 25 July 1941
. . + Amalia

4. William Ehret b. 15 Oct. 1868 Chicago, IL d. 25 July 1936 Chicago.
+ Margaret Alida "Lydia" Stillwell, 30 June 1886 in Chicago, Cook Co., IL she was the d/o John & Margaret (Burke) Stillwell
Margaret b. 8 June 1868 in Utica, NY and d. 29 Dec. 1891 in Chicago, IL
Together they had 3 children: Anna b. 1887, Francis "Frank" b. 1889, and William T. b. 1891
(There was also a stepson, Howard Ehret... so I assume "Lydia" was previously wed.)

Anna ( b. 20 July 1887 Chicago, IL d. 20 July 1957 Chicago) buried St. Joseph Cemetery, River Grove, IL
+ George Jacob Eckerly 14 June 1911 in Chicago. George, the son of Aloysius "Lewis" & Katherine (Kleob) Eckerly. George b. 1885 in IN d. 1943 buried St. Joseph Cemetery, River Grove, IL
Their 5 children were Lillian b. 1918 // Leonard b. 1914 // George b/d 1916 // Helen T. b. 1919 // Eileen L. b. 1925 // all born Chicago, Cook Co., IL

5. Ann Ehret
6. Joseph Ehret
7. Charles W. Ehret b. 1 March 1870
8. Mary Ehret b. 1875

Maria Magdalena b. July 7, 1833

Anna Maria b. Apr. 4, 1835

Sophia b. ca 1836 m. Charles Flood

"Michael" (Georg Michael) EHRET b. 1838 d. 1913
m Feb. 12, 1860 to Ellen CATHCART
Ellen b. 1841 d. 1893 buried in the Ehret mausoleum:
in the West Laurel Hill cemetery, Philadelphia, PA
Known Children buried in the mausoleum at West Laurel Hill Cem. in Philadelphia, PA

Willie L. 1865 - 1883 buried in the Ehret mausoleum:
Getrude (EHRET) HOWELL 1875-1930 buried in the Ehret mausoleum:
. . . . . . . son of who?? Alvin Ehret HOWELL d. 1937 - 4 days old
Harry Sidney EHRET 1863-1964 buried in the Ehret mausoleum:

s/o Harry S. Ehret - Lieutenant Henry Sidney EHRET, Jr. 1896-1918 buried in the Ehret mausoleum:

Alvin Michael Ehret 1874-1964 buried in the Ehret mausoleum:

Blanche Biingham EHRET b: 15 OCT 1871 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
+ Edwin Jaquett SELLERS on 6 June 1894 in St. Peter's Episcopal, Philadelphia, PA

Ellen SELLERS born 6 March 1895 in Philadelphia, PA
+ Richard Coxe McCALL, son of George and Mildred (CARTER) McCALL
they wed 29 April 1915 at St. Peter's Episcopal, in Philadelphia, PA

Blanche Bingham EHRET b: 15 OCT 1871 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Marriage Edwin Jaquett SELLERS b: 25 JUL 1865 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. He was a genealogist and author. Died 1946. Wonder if he did something on the Ehret family ?

Married: 6 JUN 1894 at St. Peter's in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania by Rev. J. Lewis Parks, D.D.

Cheryl Sellers Peacock, excerpts from Edwin Jaquett Sellers 1925, Sellers Family of Pennsylvania,

13 May 2000.
Quoted from that source: Edwin Jaquett SELLERS was the "son of David Wampole Sellers (40) and Anna Frances Jaquett, was born at Philadelphia, July 25, 1865. He received his school education at Mrs. Crawford's Boarding School at Fox Chase, Rugby Academy, Protestant Episcopal Academy, and the late Henry Hobart Brown's. He was graduated from the University of Pennsylvania June 15, 1886, with degree of Bachelor of Arts. Upon his graduation he was registered as a student-at-law under the preceptorship of his father, and was graduated from the Department of Law of the University of Pennsylvania, June 5, 1889, with degree of Bachelor of Laws, at which time he also received the degree of Master of Arts. He was admitted to the Philadelphia Bar June 15, 1889, and was associated with his father in practice until the latter's death. He assisted in the compilation of Vol. II of the "Statutes at Large of Pennsylvania from 1681-1801," published in 1896, and is mentioned in the preface. He compiled the "Account of the Jaudon Family," 1890; "[wayneged2.FTW][Wayne 699.FTW]VI."
The Sellers had one daughter . ELLEN SELLERS, b. March 06, 1895.

Mary b. ca 1840

John b. ca 1842

Elizabeth b. ca 1847

George Christian
b. April 10, 1810 Illingen, Wurttemberg, Germany- age 9 in 1819

Johann Gottfried
b. March 26, 1815 Illingen, Wurttemberg, Germany- age 3 in 1819


Children of Jacob Ehret (1835-1908)

Jacob being the son of
Elias & Sophia (Henning) Ehret.

Jacob Fredrich Ehret was born in Philadelphia, PA on Jan. 15, 1835 and died in Wakarusa, IN on Nov. 25, 1908. (Church records at St. Michael & Zion Lutheran Church show birth as July 27, and baptism on August 30, 1835) His baptismal sponsor was Jacob Henning. Jacob was one of the pioneer undertakers of Elkhart Co. IN. He wed Mary Morris when she was 20 and he was 27, i.e. Jan 1, 1862 by Rev. Curtis. Mary Morris (Jan 31, 1842-June 22, 1907) He and his wife Mary (Morris) Ehret had eleven children: Cornelius, Minerva, Lovina, Alice, Sophia, Clara, Bertha, Frederick, Anna, C. Albert, and infant dau. More on them listed below.

1. Cornelius Oliver Ehret son of Jacob Fredrich and Mary (Morris) Ehret. b. Feb. 6, 1863 Olive Twp., Elkhart Co. IN. and died June 5, 1944 Elkhart, IN.at the home of daughter Ona Essig. He had a stroke Aug. 1937. Cornelius quit the funeral business when he wed Nancy and took up farming. The Ancestry.com "Gene Pool" show his death as June 4, 1944.

m. #1 Nancy Ann Yoder Feb. 28, 1885, dau. of John H. & Mary I (Shaum) Yoder . She was born in Oct. 22, 1865 and died May 13, 1899. 6 children: Ansel, Joseph, Howard, John, Dwight, Ona

m. #2, Martha Hartman on March 1, 1901, d/o Peter and Anna (Welty) Hartman. Martha was born November 26, 1876 and died January 20, 1929. 4 children: Louis, Otto, William and Welda.

Children by wife #1, Nancy

Ansel J. Ehret b. Dec. 9, 1885 Baugo Twp., Elkhart Co. IN. m. Anna Leona Krieghbaum April 18, 1909 - Anna d.Feb. 27, 1975. Ansel was living in Union, MI in 1921. Anzel d. Nov. 5, 1948 in Elkhart, IN. and was buried Adamsville Cem., Cass Co. MI

Yale Winfred Ehret (1910-1993) wife Eleanor (withheld) children, yes
Waldo Gladwyn (1912-1994) wife Marian (withheld) children, yes

Joseph O. Ehret b. Oct. 3, 1887 (d. age 2, March 20, 1889) Baugo Twp. bur. Olive (east Cemetery, Elkhart Co. IN.

John “Russell” b. Feb. 1, 1892 Baugo twp, Elkhart, IN d. May 6, 1953. He wed Irene Schalliol b. 20 Aug 1899, St. Joseph Co., IN, . 3 Oct. 1996. m. 17 Apr. 1920, children

Stanley (1920-1981), wife Rosemary (withheld) children yes
Carl (1921-1998) wife Beulah, deceased married w/2 sons
Lowell (1924-1993), wife Lucille (withheld) 2 daughters, 1 son
daughter (b. 1927 - living 2011) Clement deceased ) married children - 3 sons, includes twins --. two with issue.
Virgil (1930-1972), wife Mary Ann (withheld) (1933-1952) 1 daughter 3 sons & 6 grandchildren as of 2002
daughter (b, 1937 - living in 2011) ) (Don Deceased) married w/children

Howard Winfield Ehret....b. Aug 27, 1889 Elkhart Co. IN. d. November 28, 1955 Billings, Yellowstone Co., MT. wife Pearl Ethel Yates m. 1926 (b.1900 MT-1990 )

Howard Wesley (1928-1977) , Wife Ida (Withheld) (1932-1950) Children, yes
2 daus. (withheld) both married, and had children

Dwight Y. Ehret b. Jan 24, 1894, d. 31 Oct. 1969 m. Grace F. Weaver Jan 1916 in Elkhart Co. IN. Grace b. Oct. 14, 1894, d. 31 Oct. 1969, buried Olive Cem, Elkhart Co. IN. Farmer, funeral director.

One child. (Married, yes withheld) children, yes

Ona Marie Ehret b. Sept 7, 1895, d. Sept 15, 1966. Married Frank Wendell Essig July 15, 1915. Frank (Feb. 21, 1890-July 15, 1915)

daughter (withheld) (October 11, 1916 - living 2006) husband Harry O.(surname withheld) , Children yes. (2 sons & 2 daughters)
Howard Wendall Essig, (Aug 27, 1920- 1953) m. Phyllis (withheld), children yes
Frances May Essig, (14 May 1924 - 2 March 2002) Elkhart, Elkhart Co. IN
daughter (withheld) husband yes, children yes.

Children by wife #2, Martha

Lewis Albert Ehret born Jan 2, 1903 Elkhart Co., IN and died May 2, 1994 Elkhart, IN. Married Doris Pauline Mast, in 1934 at Elkhart. Doris (Feb. 19, 1910 Lagrange Co. IN and died September 17, 1998 Elkhart, Elkhart Co. IN They had 4 children. All married and had children.

Otto Frederick Ehret b. June 14, 1904 Baugo Twp. took over Cornelius’ farm when he quit farming in 1929 -Otto died October 10, 1980. He was a Farmer and school bus driver.

house burnt in 1938 d. Oct. 10, 1980-bur. Olive West Cem. Elkhart City, IN. m. Miss Truex, d/o Oscar & Pearl (Warner) Truex. 3 daughters. All married and had children

William Leonard Ehret b. November 9, 1906 at Elkhart Co. IN. and died February 28, 1995. Buried Olive Cemetery, He married Roberta Alice (withheld) (1905-1993) They had a son who married and had three daughters. He may have been called "Leonard"

Welda Romayne Ehret b. December 10, 1914 and died August 13, 1996 in Elkhart Co. IN and is buried at Olive Cemetery. She wed Arneal K. SQUIBB in 1936. They had three children.

2. Minerva E. Ehret, daughter of Jacob Fredrich and Mary (Morris) Ehret, m.. Henry Letherman/Leatherman. Minerva was born June 24, 1864 Olive twp., Elkhart Co. IN. she d. Feb. 9th or10th, 1901 age 36). Henry b. Dec. 8, 1861 in Elkhart Co. IN.. His father Isaac (1831-1889) was born in Bucks Co. PA and at the age of 7 his family settled in Wayne Co. OH. where he wed Rachel Shaum, on March 30, 1884.. In 1853 he settled in Olive Twp. Elkhart county, IN. Henry d. age 68.

Her children were
Grace Alnetta (Feb 1, 1885- ) married Joseph B. Fisher. Children: Keith ....(1906-1910), Donald b. 1907, Viola b. 1911, and Ruby b. 1913
Nelson Linford (March 29, 1888 - ) m. Jennie Messner Sept. 20, 1913
Elsie Mary (Feb. 5, 1890 - ) m. George Fisher in 1907, Children: Kenneth b. ....1907 and Carle born 1909.
Ethel Anise (Sept. 11, 1894-
Josephine who died (accident) age 2 1/2. (Jan 9, 1892-May 10, 1895)
Ruby Eureth (Feb. 10, 1896-) (Mrs. Mattern),
Hazel Vianna (March 22, 1898-) (Mrs. Janson)

After Minerva’s death Henry wed in June 1, 1905 to a widow, Mrs. Jacob (Anna, nee Smeltzer) Lehman who had six children by her first husband Jacob Lehman; namely

Lloyd Lehman- m. Zola Truex - two sons,
Oscar Lehman,
Homer Lehman m. Grace Frederick -yes, issue
Elmer Lehman,
Grace Lehman
Nora Lehman

Henry and Anna had no children. Henry was the son of Isaac Letherman/ Leatherman who was born in Bucks Co. PA. Henry was born Dec. 8, 1861 in Olive twp, Elkhart Co. IN Henry’s parents lived in Wayne Co. OH for a time before removing to Elkhart Co. IN in 1853 Anna was the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Yader (Yoder?)) Smeltzer

3. Lovina Esther Ehret, daughter of Jacob Fredrich and Mary (Morris) Ehret, born May 28, 1867 m. John O. Myers, (or John C.?) son of Andrew and Hannah Myers. August 2, 1888 Harrison Twp., Elkhart Co. IN. Lovina d. May 12,1951. They lived in Olive township, Elkhart Co., IN. Buried Olive (west) Cemetery, Elkhart Co., IN


Jessie (1890-1961) (m..Cal Lienhart) Cal was a funeral director and did the Cornelius Ehret funeral.

Hallet (male)
Edna (Mrs. Clouse)
Treva (Mrs. Smeltzer)
Mildred (Mrs. Parcell)

4. Alice Ehret,daughter of Jacob Fredrich and Mary (Morris) Ehret. b. Jan 11, 1869 Olive Twp.Elkhart Co. IN She died May 7, 1952, and is buried at North Union Cemetery. In 1886 she wed Wm. Harve Letherman/Leatherman, the son of Issac and Rachel (Shaum) Letherman m. Sept. 6, 1886 “Mother (Alice) was 17, and my father 19 at the time of their marriage.” The family bible spells her name Alis.

Children : Twins that lived 26 hours and 10 other children.

Iva Ethel (1890-1959) buried Olive West Cem. (m.Charlie Eshelman in 1914)
Walter Isaac (March 18, 1889-May 30, 1974) buried Olive Cem. m. Rosetta ......Hunsberger in 1910. daughter Irene b. 1911.
Maud (Nov. 26, 1887 in Wakarusa, Elkhart Co. IN. married Loren Turex in ....Feb. 3, 1906
Roscoe Jacob (October 19, 1892- ) m. Candace Bechler 9/8/1919 Elkhart, IN
Harry "Ray" (July 22, 1896- ) m. Florence Berkey 1918 Elkhart Co. IN
Marie Opan (April 9, 1901 - ) (Mrs. Guy Smeltzer)
Vera Ellen (October 8, 1898 at Wakarusa, IN - )(Mrs. William Reese)
Glenn E. (Oct.ber 24, 1905-
Ward Arthur (August 7, 1909 -
Neva May (May 8, 1914 at Wakarusa IN. Buried Olive West Cem. m. Clesson ......Weldy (1915-1975)

5. Clara Ellen Ehret daughter of Jacob Fredrich and Mary (Morris) Ehret. b. Jan. 7, 1871 in Olive Twp., Elkhart Co. IN d. Thursday morning June 24, 1843 at Wakarusa, Elkhart Co., IN after 3 month illness. She is buried at Olive Cemetery, Elkhart Co., IN
m. Anthony B. “Ant” Yoder, September 18, 1895 Anthony Yoder was b. Olive Twp., Elkhart Co., IN on March 2, 1870, son of Henry and Elizabeth (Bixler) Yoder. and died at Epworth Hospital in South Bend, IN July 19, 1943.

In business, Mr. Yoder owned, with his brothers, a Hardware and furniture store called Yoder Brothers which opened in 1895 in Wakarusa, IN. His brothers were Nicholas and Abe. Then in 1898 opened an undertaking business which he operated for 40 years. He was the son of Henry and Elizabeth (Bixler) Yoder.
Clara Ehret was described by her sister-in-law “as rather a mother to the entire family”


Joy Oma (Mrs. Edgar Freed) m. June 4, 1916 b. May 23, 1898, d. Wakarusa ........Nov. 1982

6. Sophia Elizabeth Ehret-daughter of Jacob Fredrich and Mary (Morris) Ehret. (Mrs. George A. Renner 1866-1941) carpenter. George wed Sophia August 15, 1893 at the home of Rev Sam Schwalm who could find and wore only one shoe They lived in Osceola, IN from 1893 until 1926 when they moved to Jimtown, IN.. she d. June 22, 1927,

dau. born 1895 died in infancy

Merl E. b. May 17 1897 - d. Sept. 15, 1948 (or Merrill)

Goodsell H. b. March 1, 1912 - d. Sept. 6, 1993, Elkhart, Elkhart county, Indiana

daughter b. 1909

I. Porter, Jan. 27, 1905 - living 1962

George (O or C) Jr. b. 1900 - d. 1921

“I believe the dates are correct but not exactly sure”
Porter Renner, 1962

7. Bertha Ehret daughter of Jacob Fredrich and Mary (Morris) Ehret. b. Sept. 15 or 16, 1874, d. April 18, 1957.
m. Amos C. Lehman June 4, 1896 in Elkhart Co., IN
They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
Mr. Lehman was born in Livingston Co. Illinois March 26, 1873, son of Peter Y. and Lydia A. (Good) Lehman. one of 13 children. To Elkhart Co. IN as a child. In 1904 after working in Merchandising for other, he purchased his own store dry goods, clothing, shoes, groceries etc. He never retired working until his death in June of 1943 at his business, the Lehman Veal & Poultry Business in Wakarusa.


Arthur (there is an Arthur b. in 1895 in Elkhart Co. but the parents are not wed until 1895. Different Arthur???)

Joyce (male) b. ca 1902

Theodore b. Oct. 26, 1906 - d. Mar 1969

Augusta (Mrs. Glen Cocanower) b. Aug 22, 1909 - 1974 d. Pheonix, AZ.
........Buried Olive (west) Cemetery Elkhart Co., IN.

Glen (6 May 1906-Dec. 1969 Elkhart Co. IN.)

8. Frederick C. Ehret son of Jacob Fredrich and Mary (Morris) Ehret. b. Oct. 19, 1876 on farm two miles west of Wakarusa. He died June 3, 1955. He wed Cornelia Nelly Farber on Nov. 24, 1897 at the home of Rev. Schwalm. (I wonder if Schwalm wore two shoes this time) Cornelia was living in 1962 with their daughter in Goshen IN on 5th St. (Cornelia 1879-1965)


Faye (Mrs.Thaddeus Kalb) b. Jan 1, 1899 - d. July 3, 1989 m. June 4, 1918 in Elkhart Co. IN.

Fred was in the meat market business with Tom Elliott for a while and worked with John Hoover as a carpenter. In 1905 he became a mail carrier and served as such until he retired at the age of 58. He then sold cars & insurance until his death June 3, 1955 in Wakarusa. Methodist. bur. Olive Cemetery.

9. Ann Ehret, daughter of Jacob Fredrich and Mary (Morris) Ehret, wed Walter Buzzard. Ann d. March 4, 1902, age 23 of scarlett fever. Clive and Walter, her husband survived it. Ann would drive the hearse at Jacob Ehret’s funerals. About five years after Ann’s death Walter remarried and Clive who was living during the week at the home of his grandfather, Jacob Ehret moved back with his father and new wife in South Bend. Second wife died Dec. 16, 1949. Walter was born Dec. 15, 18??. One source has Ann's name as "Anna (Sarah) Ehret"

Clive Buzzard born ca Fall 1899

10. Albert Christian Ehret son of Jacob Fredrich and Mary (Morris) Ehret, known as “Albert” or “A.C.” as his wife called him. The C. stands for Christian. m. Saddie Stauffer December 5, 1901. A.C. was the first to organize a mail route for Wakarusa - later his brother Fred became the third person to take the route. At one time they lived in Hammond, IN. I have also seen his name listed as Christian Albert.He was born Jan 11, 1881 at Olive Township,l Elkhart Co., IN and died May 15, 1946. He is buried at the Olive Cemetery, Elkhart Co., IN.

AC b. 1881 - died in 1946 (His obit in the Michigan City ( IN) Dispach. publ. May 16,
1946 Page 1, col. 6)
Fern died age 4 of Sarcoma of the cheek. (1901 at Wakarusa, Elkhart Co. IN-1905)

11. Baby daughter.- daughter of Jacob Fredrich and Mary (Morris) Ehret - no name b. Jan 29, 1884, d.Feb. 12, 1884


 Other Miscellaneous Ehrets:

Joseph, EHRET

b. ca 1841 -- obit in theTerra Haute Indiana Evening Gazette, publ Oct. 3, 1901, page 2 age 60


Joseph L. EHRET

b. ca 1878 - obit in the Terra Haute Indiana Tribune, publ Feb. 15, 1905, page 2 d. age 27

George W. EHRET m. Elizabeth Mishler or Wishler (the index has W, but Mishlers were abundent in the area) Elkhart Co. IN. December 11, 1917.

Maternal Great great Grandfather toAgnes "Magdalena" STORCK, wife of immigrant Michael EHRET

Sir Hans Erhardt HEYMBERGER

(wife Anna Maria Garbler)


b. September 11, 1653 Derdingen, son of Sir (Hans) Johann Erhardt Heimberger, Alderman in Derdingen wife Anna

buried November 29, 1710 Derdingen

Mayor and innkeeper at the sign of the Golden Lamb in Derdingen

"Right before his death, being admonished by the minister, he donated 10 florins to pay textbooks for the poor school children"

Maternal Great great Grandmother to Agnes "Magdalena" STORCK, wife of immigrant Michael EHRET

Anna Maria GABLER,

(husband Hans Heymberger)


b. July 31, 1654 at Kurnbach, dau of Sir Hans Casper GABLER, goldsmith at Kurnbach.

d. February 23, 1737 at Derdingen. aged 83, years 6 months, 3 weeks and 2 days.

m. Oct. 12, 1675 in Derdingen

Maternal Great great Grandfather to Agnes "Magdalena" STORCK, wife of immigrant Michael EHRET

Sir Hans Christoph YPPICH,

(wife Anna Marie KOHL)


son of Sir Johann Christoph IPPICH /(YPPICH), Mayor of Derdingen.

Alderman and. Forman of the community (Illich) and previously innkeeper of-Golden Lamb.
b. March 14, 1627
d. September 28, 1692 at Derdingen, age 65y, 29 weeks & 2d.

Maternal Great great Grandmother to Agnes "Magdalena" STORCK, wife of immigrant Michael EHRET

Anna Marie KOHL,

(husband YPPICH)


b. Leonberg ?? Dau. of Michael Kohl, inkeeper in Leonberg

d. February 7, 1682 Ober Derdingen

Anna Marie was his 2nd wife. m. 1659 in Derdingen.

He outlived three wives. #1 Marie d. 1657 and he wed #3, Anna Marie in 1683

Maternal Great great Grandfather to Agnes "Magdalena" STORCK, wife of immigrant Michael EHRET

Hans GLOCKHLER/ GLOCKLER, (wife Magdalena)


d. betw. May 2 and May 14, 1703. died escaping soldiers.

retired -" 'old' Schoolmaster"
in 1664 when son Georg (Jerg) was born, he was a customs- collector.

His parents were Hans Glockler born ca 1612 and died April 12, 1684 in Tuningen. "the old School- master", age 72 and Apollonia b. ca 1612 and d. December 31, 1669 at Tuningen, age 57. He remarried after Apollonia's death

Maternal Great great Grandmother to Agnes "Magdalena" STORCK, wife of immigrant Michael EHRET

(husb. Hans Glockler)


b. ca 1636
d. November 29, 1700, age 61 at Tuningen.

m. before 1664, probl before 1662

Maternal Great great Grandfather to Agnes "Magdalena" STORCK, wife of immigrant Michael EHRET

Hans Borow,
(wife Anna Catharina Irion)


d. June 23, 1687, at Tuningen son of Joseph BORHOW

"Hans Borow, alderman fell to death..."

Maternal Great great Grandmother to Agnes "Magdalena" STORCK, wife of immigrant Michael EHRET


(husband Hans Borow)

d. September 28, 1704.

m. October 25, 1668,
dau of Hans IRION

Hans Borow died in 1687 and his widow, Anna C. married February 1688 in Tuningen to Johannes Votzeler, son of Christian Votzeler

Great grandfather of Magdalena

Hans Erhard HEIMBERGER, Jr.

son of Sir Hans Erhard HEIMBERGER, and Maria GARBLER

b. March 22, 1678 Oberderdingen (Derdinger)
d. April 2, 1747 Derdinger, age 69

Farmer and Alderman
member of the municipal council and innkeeper at the sign of the LAMM.

Great grandmother of Magdalena

Anna Dorothea YPPICH

dau of Hans Christoph YPPICH, innkeeper and Anna Marie KOHL

b. May 24, 1674 Derdingen, Wurtemberg
d. February 15, 1758, Derdingen, aged 83 years 9 months.

m. November 23, 1700 at Derdingen

Great grandfather of Magdalena

Sir Johann Georg GLOCKLER
b August 8, 1664 Tuningen Wurtemberg

d. December 9, 1733 Tuningen, son of Hans GLOCKLER and Magdalena

Blacksmith at time of marriage, parish curator (1698) Sheriff* (1708 - for 25 years)
* representative of the authority in the village - not elected. Could be bailiff in district of Tuttlingen

Great grandmother of Magdalena

Anna Barbara BORHOW

b. November 7, 1670 at Tuningen
d. June 8, 1737 at Tuningen, aged 62 years, 7 monyhd

m. January 31, 1688 at Tuningen, dau of Hans BORHOW (BORHO) and Anna Catharina IRION

Maternal Grandfather of Magdalena


b. September 19, 1701 Oberdedinger, Wurtemberg, baptized Feb. 20th.
d. 13 July 1763 Derdingen, buried Derdingen, age 62 years
m. February 5, 1732 at Derdinger to Maria Agnes Glockhler. (1st wife)

Maternal Grandmother of Magdalena

Maria "Agnes" GLOCKHLER
b. March 2, 1708 at Tuningen, Wurtemberg
d. 29 March 1751 Derdingen, aged 43 years and 3 weeks

(After Maria's death Georg Jacob remarried to Maria Elisabeth, widow of Hans Jorg HASS, Alderman to Kalbertshawsen in Derdingen)

Their daughter was Agnes Dorothea Heimberger, wife of Johann Michael Storck

She was the mother of Agnes Magdalena STORCH, wife of George Michael Ehret.
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