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the ASHBROOK family


Two of Joshua Dunnuck's children wed Ashbrooks

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Compiled by Sue N. Haschemeyer

 1883 HISTORY OF PERRY COUNTY BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES Pages 328 & 329 (see full text from which this is taken)

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The Ashbrooks are of Scotch descent, and seem to have originated in Berkley county, Virginia, where six sons and one daughter are recorded as follows:
  John had a family. He was killed by a horse in his native county.
  Thomas, who emigrated to Washington county, Pennsylvania, and had two sons. He was killed by Indians, or in the war.
  James, a noted lawyer, died in his native county.
  Moses, emigrated to Tennessee, and is doubtless the progenitor of those Ashbrooks residing in Nashville and other parts of the South.
  Aaron, the fifth son, emigrated to Hampshire County, Virginia; had two sons and removed to Kentucky.
  Levi, the sixth son of the Berkley county, Virginia, Ashbrooks, was a Baptist preacher; removed to Hampshire county, Virginia, and is the great-grandfather of Thomas M. He had one son and three daughters by his first wife. His second wife was Miss Chinnith. She had six sons and eight daughters.
    Levi, son of the first wife, married and emigrated to Kentucky, accumulated large wealth at or near Louisville, and then removed to St. Louis, Missouri, where he became a stock man and pork packer.
    John, a son of the second wife, married and emigrated to Kentucky. Absalom, another son, moved to Kentucky, died there, and his family moved back to Virginia, and thence to Ohio.
    Aaron, another of the six sons of Levi, emigrated to Fairfield county after his marriage to Miss Peters. His family consisted of four sons, Tunis P., John M., James and E. P. Ashbrook and four daughters.
Aaron b. 7 Jan. 1780 in Hampshire Co. VA. and Abigail his wife was born in the same county Jan 7, 1782. They wed on 22 December 1800. Their first two children were born in Virginia. Aaron lived to be 85 and Abigail to 94.

Sister of Amelia Peters lived to be 94 - was deceased in 1881
    William, (wife, Amelia Peters, mother of Edward was living in 1881)
in 1880 census Amelia, 77. is a domestic in the home of Joash & Amanda Crumley in Walnut twp, Pickaway Co., OH.

another of the six sons of Levi,
emigrated to Fairfield county, Ohio. He had five sons, in order of age as follows: John, Absalom, Mahlon, Samuel, Edward, the father of Thomas M., the subject of this sketch, and from whom these facts are derived, and William. Also three daughters---Minerva, who was married to Benjamin Dunnick; Iva/Ivy, married to Daniel K. Kellerman; Salicia, married to Benjamin Boman - lived in IL.
"The three brothers died recently at their respective homes". Absolom, Mahlon and Edward page 207 Pioneer Period and Pioneer People of Fairfield Co. OH by Wiseman publ Heer Printing Co., Columbus Ohio, 1901
      Absalom, (who was married to Phebe DUNNICK-not from this source) d. before 1901 farmer Amanda twp. fairfield Co., OH.
Absolom: b. June 25, 1811 in OH, d.18 Dec. 1875
      Minerva, who was married to Benjamin T. DUNNICK (brother of Phebe)
Minerva :(1819-1910) daughter of William & Permillia A. (PETERS) ASHBROOK
      Malcolm (mentioned in the biography of Henton Monroe DUNNICK) of St. Joseph, MO age 86 in 1901
      Edward P (living in 1901 - age 82 in Amanda twp. Fairfield Co. OH)
3 sons and 1 sister
Subject of the biographical sketch from which this chart was built

full text
--->   Thomas M. Ashbrook, (born 1847 in Fairfield Co. OH) was married 1869 to Martha Griffith, of Fairfield county. They have two daughters, Daisy and Minnie. He is a Universalist in religion, and Republican in politics. He has interested himself largely in gathering geneological facts relating to his family ancestry, and to him is due the above record of a large connection, to whom the above facts are entirely new.
      Iva (female
      Salicia (female)
    Thomas, the fifth son of Levi, emigrated to Pickaway county, Ohio, and by his first wife had three sons and two daughters, by his second wife four sons, and in 1854 emigrated to Coles county, Illinois.
    Eli, the sixth son of Levi, became a preacher in the same church as his father Levi, and is better known as Elder Eli Ashbrook, born in Hampshire county, Virginia, from whence he emigrated to Pickaway county, 1810, then to Fairfield, and last to Johnstown, Licking county, and died January 24,1877, aged ninety-six years.
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